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Which campaign will be remembered after the CAN 2017 buzz fades?

Egypt defensive style scored some beauties, El Hadary showed the value of experience, Hector Cuper led his boys to the final match of CAN 2017, But which brand campaign will be remembered after the buzz fades?

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When brands play big and go all the way, then the big campaign dictates their consistency of delivering exceptional content and performance throughout the campaign. Making fast decisions and adapting to new situations that might arise, brands should have foreknowledge of every possible scenario and prepare for it.

We have covered brands’ campaigns jumping on the AFCON 2017 bandwagon that entertained and elated us.

Most of them did not stop there, yesterday brands sent the national team many positive and reassuring messages that they won all the Egyptians’ hearts and how proud they made us feel.

Pepsi’s message from 90 Million Egyptians:

Pepsi has dedicated a simple yet gripping narrated video encapsulating the messages of 90 Million Egyptians to the National Football team. Providing them with positivity and reassurance that we will keep cheering them on.

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The video tend to collect the insights from the side talked during the CAN 2017 and feature it. The main concept is sending a positive message for the Egyptian National team, we will not stop with the AFCON 2017 but we are waiting for our great Pharaohs in the World Cup 2018.

Coca-Cola’s Campaign Finalizer Video:

Coca-Cola has presented an earworm song of the national team formation before the starting of the CAN 2017.

Yesterday, we were surprised and captivated with their quick, real-time positive closure of supporting the great comeback of the Pharaohs with a remarkable song!

Coca-Cola dedicated a special thanks to the Egyptian National team’s remarkable efforts and dedication by creating the same earworm theme but this time, with the National team’s scoring goals. A brief, real-time song of all the key points of the matches.

Their quick decision-making and creativity of creating the song are enticing, those aspects quickly made the song go viral, in just 24 hours it gained 542,981 Views, shared 19K times and gained 24K likes on Facebook.

Brands should learn something from Coca-Cola:

1. Providing the audience what they want before even they expect such a move.
2. Raising the bar high and finishing a strong campaign even stronger.
3. Real-time presence is highly contagious as it hones in on the trend, you put your brand in the spot-light, creativity is the other component that transcends your brand to go viral.

Which brand’s campaign will be remembered few weeks from now?

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