Coca Cola releases an earworm to suggest Egypt National Team formation

Few hours before Ahly and Zamalek Egyptian famous derby the two most successful clubs in Egypt and Africa, also known as the Egyptian Clasico, Coca Cola Egypt launched an earworm using the nostalgic Italian Nella Vecchia Fattoria melody which made in Arabic lyrics by Mohamed Tharwat titled “Gedo Ali”.

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Coca Cola focus on the football approach again in the Egyptian market advertising strategy as the brand decide to rethink their approach to sports partnerships and mix the national uprising spirit in Egypt to support the national team again specially after it become so close to be qualified to 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The latest advert by Coca Cola Egypt feature a suggested team formation for the Egyptian national football team which the song lyrics matching the players names while leaving the final word for Hector Cooper the former Argentine footballer and current manager who manages the Egyptian national football team.

You will listen to every word and will play it more than once. Watch the video below and tell us who is your favorite player…

On Facebook: The advert views reached 1.5K in an hour which quickly become 451K views in 5hrs.

Taste The “Egyptian” Moment

Since debuting “Open Happiness” seven years ago, Coca Cola used to focus on the mood of happiness aligned with happiness mood as we witnessed Nancy Ajram staring 6 Advertisements for Coca Cola since 2009.

While Coke’s award-winning “Open Happiness” campaign leaned heavily on what the brand stands for over the last seven years, “Taste the Moment” campaign launch was meant to feature universal storytelling with the emotional aspects of the Coca-Cola experience.

Now, Coca Cola Egypt strike back with a very localized version which will make you taste very Egyptian moment using a music rhythm that will bring good days memory to every Egyptian mind.

Welcome back Coca Cola to the Egyptianized Adverts.

Where is Mohamed Salah?

The beloved international football star Mohamed Salah was named the ‘Best Arab Player in 2016’ at the Globe Soccer Awards but his name was not mentioned in Coca Cola Ads.

Egyptian star Mohamed Salah has already signed a year-long endorsement deal with Pepsi-Cola, becoming the Pepsi’s new face in the Middle East and North Africa.

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The AS Roma player, nicknamed ‘Egypt’s Messi’, is already staring the promotional commercials for Pepsi in MENA which is set to be broadcast on television networks across the Middle East region, as well as via online portals and social media channels.

Because Pepsi has chosen Mohamed Salah as the new brand ambassador for Pepsi-Cola in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in 2016, Coca Cola undercovered Mohamed Salah name and mentioned him as Roma Player!

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