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Dear Client: An Open Letter to Clients from Designers, Content Creators and Account Managers

There’s one common thing between creatives and those who work in an advertising agency or in the marketing field in general. This common thing is complaining about clients. If your job includes dealing with clients, you will definitely relate to this article.

Since we noticed that almost everyone has a problem with dealing with clients, we decided to write an open letter to clients and ask a few people to just let it all out.

Here it goes,


Dear Client,

Respect my personal life! I’m not available 24/7! Also, never tell me that it’s an easy design, or ask me if what I did deserves this quotation.

Oh! And if you know someone who can do this work at a lower price, then please go for him without even telling me about it.
And one more thing, I just need YOUR feedback, not your cousin’s, your friend’s, or your aunt’s.

Ahmed, 27, Senior Graphic Designer



Dear Client,

Before negotiating and requesting, have you checked your budget?

Also, kindly check your own brief before sending me your edits… You literally asked for this!
And I would love to inform you of the following, you do realize I have weekends, right?
I have weekends and working hours, just like you. Stick to them!

Rahma, 25, Account Manager



Dear Client,

Graphic Design is my job, it is not my hobby! So, yes, I’m working for money.

Here’s another surprise, for your information, I’m also a human being who has other things to do during the day than your task, and this’s why I’m giving you a deadline. So don’t rush me to finish your task before the deadline that WE BOTH AGREED ON before starting the job.

One last thing, if you know someone who could do the task with less quotation, kindly go for him directly without mentioning it to me because you won’t like what I’m gonna say!

Thank you, regards, and No, I won’t create a bigger logo. Bye.

Kareem, 28, Senior Graphic Designer



Dear Client,

Let me ask you one question:

– Who is your audience?

Before you answer, let me stop you there for one second. “EVERYONE” isn’t an answer for the love of God. The better you can define your audience, the better my creative outcome will be.

Are you targeting people who want to buy your product or service?  Or are you targeting people who’ve never heard of you before?
– Do we have a YES answer for both questions? Then we’re still having trouble moving past EVERYONE.

Ahmed, 29, Creative Director



Dear Client,

No matter how urgent your task is, I still need time to give you a creative outcome.

Pressuring me will do nothing but affecting me negatively.
Do you want something creative and good? Send me a decent brief that I can work on, help me to help you, and give you what you want.

Farida, 21, Junior Content Creator


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Dear Client,

Please give me a little bit of freedom when it comes to creating content without objecting the whole time and sending endless amends.
I seriously wish you could commit to the agreed payment time, so I can actually get paid! Because you’re the reason why my salary is always late!

In the end, have a little faith in my ideas and work because this is my job and you are my client.
Remember, I too care about your success.

Mahitab, 26, Senior Content Creator



Dear Client,

please stop sending me texts on WhatsApp before midnight. Sometimes I do other stuff than working at your service; I’m not Alfred.

I know you went to an international school and English is your first language but, you not understanding what I write in plain basic Arabic doesn’t mean that the audience won’t understand. And don’t send back the plan with ‘URGENT’ amends just cause I used ق instead of ف.

Mohamed (Sukkar), 28, Content Creator



Dear Client,

You hire me to create something that will help you market your services and sell your products. You pay for my time, my ideas, my experience, and my talent—for the creative work I’ll produce for you.

So, please don’t confuse that with buying “me.” I’m not a commodity, so stop treating me like one.

Mohamed, 26, Senior Graphic Designer


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Dear Client,

You can assign the project to “the cheaper guy” you know, It’s okay.

It takes a few seconds to give nice feedback when you like the work, it doesn’t have to be only when you have some edits or something you don’t like. Also, It makes my life a whole lot easier when you exactly know what you want.

As a side note, It makes so much difference to trust the team you hire, let them give you the best they can, don’t interfere in the process.

Oh! One more thing, copying other brands’ work will not serve your own brand image. Stand out!

Sara, 23, Professional Photographer



Dear Client,

You know it wouldn’t hurt to send all of your edits together!

You really don’t have to send a different edit each time I send you the edited task that you asked for! Also, don’t send me feedback saying you don’t like the whole task without pointing out the exact things you didn’t like! You know, giving feedback requires stating exactly what you liked and what you didn’t like!

Anonymous, 27, Senior Content Creator



To end this letter, we hope some of the clients out there really listen to all of this so we can all work in peace.

Best Regards.

Everyone mentioned in this letter.  

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