Your Simple 6 Tricks To Deal With Difficult Clients

“Clients” This word can be used to scare some business owners and employees. If you are working in the advertising field or if you have your own business, then hearing this word can make you very anxious.

Even though come clients can give a real and terrible headache and can make your work-life a living hell, we can’t deny that having clients is the reason why we have a job as they are considered to be a major part of it but that doesn’t mean that all of their wishes are granted.

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As we listed before some of the difficult clients you come face to face with at work, we will list you some solutions that can help when you are dealing with them.


1- Put Some Ground Rules & Policies

Your client has to be aware of your company’s rules and that they have to be strictly followed. Some clients don’t have respect for working hours and can be sending requests or edits right after, and as we mentioned in the previous articles, some of them keep nagging about their edits or requests.

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You have to deal with these clients formally; you have to make them respect your working hours, that you don’t take requests when you finish work, and that their tasks will be submitted by the time you both agreed on.

You have to treat them formally and firmly.


2- No ASAP Tasks

You have to force the client to respect your work process, meaning that they can’t suddenly submit a request and ask to be done immediately. They have to know that employees have other tasks and if they are busy doing them, then clients have to wait because the world doesn’t revolve around them or their tasks!

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Let them know that work is following a certain system and process that can’t be easily broken so they won’t get used to asking whatever they want and get it immediately.


3- Deadlines, Deadlines, and more Deadlines

This word is a lifesaver! The deadline is an essential rule that the client and employee have to respect. To avoid any type of hassle from clients about tasks and edits, set a deadline. Having a deadline will force your client to stop bothering you and it will spare you the effort of trying to handle a client if he complained about not getting his requests done.

Don’t listen to any word the client says before your deadline.

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4- Ask for a Clear Brief

We know how clients tend to be vague sometimes; this is why you have to be straightforward when it comes to dealing with a vague client who sends vague briefs.

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Briefs have to be clear so you can get the best results, if they are not, then ask the client directly to edit it and make it crystal clear about what exactly they want so you can avoid any future problems of why this wasn’t done the way the client wanted.

5- No Budget, No Work

A client is the one who sets the budget, and some of them tend to dream out of their budget! These types of clients need to be drawn back to reality. Don’t accept tasks out of their budget and make this clear to them; if any task will charge you more than the specified budget then send an email with the quotation and start working when it’s approved.

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6- Don’t Compromise and Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

If any client breaks a rule or doesn’t respect your company or your system, don’t be afraid to say no! If you compromised once, then they will get used to it and things will go out of hand. As long as you’re getting the job done with no running behind a deadline then don’t be afraid to refuse something if it doesn’t go in parallel with your system.

Don’t be afraid to lose a client if they didn’t follow the rules, as long as you’re being fair with everyone then losing a client is ok.

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Your work system has to be respected and there is a chance that clients might change their attitudes if they found that work owners don’t give up their rules.

Share with us your secret ways when it comes to handling a client.

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