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How Amr Diab music video transcends brand integration?

Amr Diab is such a unique case amongst the Egyptian and Arab artists. He is not just one of the…

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Amr Diab is such a unique case amongst the Egyptian and Arab artists. He is not just one of the Arab world’s most popular pop stars, he is also a trend-maker when it comes to music and fashion.

Valentine’s Day is here and this is not the only event that marks this day special, Amr Diab just released his new music video “Ma’ak Alby” on the Valentine’s Day eve featuring international Costa Rican model Juliana Herz who made a name for herself in the modeling world by landing jobs with global multi-billion dollar retail brands like Old Navy and Bloomingdales.

What you just watched is an extraordinarily example of brand integration, subliminal messaging at its best.  The music video leaves us awestruck and entranced by the sheer elegance of classic and contemporary, modern and ancient.

The music video is the 2nd trending on YouTube, with 746K views and it gained on Facebook 29K likes and was shared more than 9K time in less than 24 hours!

Inspiring Colors by Jotun:

While colors are not just paint on the wall, it’s an inspiration and a way of life. When you look closely, you will notice Jotun’s presence throughout the music video, the girl’s paint buckets, the different wall paints’ textures and we would guess even the exterior paint as well.

Jotun integrated their brand within the context for this elegant, subliminal positive almost mystical, emotional connection.

Jotun Paints featured in Amr Diab's Maak Alby music video
Jotun Paints featured in Amr Diab’s Maak Alby music video

Check it out again and let us know how many clues you can find?

It all starts with a Nescafé:

Nescafé, a leader and pioneering brand for 75 years decided to make use of Amr Diab’s latest music video to claim its amazing coffee experience with the help of Amr Diab and Juliana Herz scene.

The famous Nescafe red mug is immediately recognizable and even if the red mug is visible, it is still not the focus. The brand evokes the daily inspiration that is transmitted by Nescafe to its consumers.

Nescafe red mug featured in Amr Diab's Maak Alby music video
Nescafe red mug featured in Amr Diab’s Maak Alby music video

Via this product placement, Nescafé brand wishes to consolidate its new brand baseline “It all starts with a Nescafé” to enhance its potential and reinforce its competitive advantage not just in Egypt but also across MENA region.

Vodafone From Product Placement to Branded Entertainment:

Amr Diab’s partnership with Vodafone Egypt started back in 2015 by launching Amr Diab World advert to announce exclusive service for Vodafone’s customers.

Vodafone customers can join Amr Diab world by calling *66# from any Vodafone line to be the first to have access to unseen content (Videos, Photos, and Exclusive news).
Amr Diab Vodafone Egypt
Diab is giving Vodafone Egypt the opportunity to connect with its audience in a unique, engaging way as the latest music video is announced to be powered by Vodafone and the partnership has been promoted heavily on social media.

Music video or promoting Cairo’s striking beauty?

“Ma’ak Alby” is considered the second video production by Nay for Media after their first music video “Al Qahira” that launched earlier in 2016

Amr Diab’s music videos are mostly shot outside of Egypt, but not this one, “Ma’ak Alby” is shot in Cairo and this amazing scene mystified and enthralled us.

Cairo Skyline

The music video was shot in Cairo in December 2016, directed by Hady el Bagoury, the striking home decoration along with, the historical place overlooking the Nile and The Cairo Tower reflects the director’s personality.

The modern and the ancient colliding together, to form this unique country, this is what make Egypt’s experience magnificent. “Ma’ak Alby” video captured perfectly what is missing from “Experience Egypt” campaign, the luxurious experience, targeting elite visitors to indulge in the unique mix of history and contemporary which they will find in few countries other than Egypt.

Why Amr Diab Music Video Worth The Investment?

El Hadaba, the trendsetter – no one can forget the famous pullover from Tamaly Ma’ak’s video-, his music videos are the most anticipated because there is always something new and unique about them, the constant fascination of his youthful appearance and moreover, the ultimate beauty and elegance of the execution.

Egypt’s number one pop star has always been a successful bid to win the hearts and minds of the Egyptian consumers. Over the past few years, allot of premium brands including Pepsi, Vodafone, Mobinil, Western Union, Hayat Mineral Water and Porto October have launched successful marketing campaigns starring Amr Diab.

Amr is a true global icon in the music industry. His songs was translated into 7 different languages and sang by different artists worldwide. On top of his many World Music Awards, Diab keep making history when he entered the Guinness Book of World Records last September, making him the first-ever Arab artist to achieve a Guinness World Record title.

Amr Diab AKA “El Hadaba” was awarded the World Music Award for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist 7 times: 1998, 2002 and 2007 and 4 Awards on 2014.

Back in April 25th,2016, only two hours after “Ahla W Ahla” album release #AmrDiab was trending number #7 worldwide on Twitter, and trending number #1 in Egypt.

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When and how to start outsourcing your business?

There is a reason why freelancing and outsourcing is becoming a popular trend with many international companies. With a tough…

There is a reason why freelancing and outsourcing is becoming a popular trend with many international companies. With a tough local and international economy, companies have to do what it takes to maintain a steady profit, and find ways to reduce costs.

Outsourcing is becoming a big trend in many industries, due to its many advantages and low costs.

For small and big businesses alike, there comes a time when a decision must be made. Do you build a new team or primary service, buy certain tools or do you outsource for a short time?

That is another way that outsourcing can help.


So, when should you start considering to outsource?

Do you procrastinate when faced with a particular task?

Is it a one-time task? Is it a primary service that your business offers, or something for a specific client or project?

Is it a once a month task? Such as Legal duties, or financial accounting?

Are you still saving up for an expansion? Could you afford an expansion for this task?

Is it a non-essential function of your business?

If you’ve answered all by one of those as yes, then that is when you should be outsourcing.

A definition for outsourcing is “the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources.”

The reason is simple, because it can be advantageous most of the time.

Your business is saving money, effort, time and energy, making it more efficient on that tasks that truly matter.


Why should a business outsource?

So, you know when you should be looking into it, or maybe you’re interested.

The thought still lingers in your mind, it might be a good idea but why should I?

There are many things that you can consider that could make outsourcing a great opportunity for your business.


1. Employee costs and non-productive hours

Office space, cafeteria benefits, hospital visits, insurance, and lunch breaks are things that cost the company profit per full-time employee.

These are also things you can save on when outsourcing.

These make a full-time employee more than twice as expensive as a short offer for a freelancer.


2. Efficiency

Freelancers and outsourcing give you a special opportunity, an opportunity to capture and use talented people that you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

Talented graphic designers, high-end lawyers, highly-organized accountants, and smart assistants can be found as freelancers, and at a lower-price than full-timers.

They tend to be more efficient as they have stricter deadlines than full-timers, and may be able to do the job better than you or any other current employee.


3. Frees up internal resources

Getting freelancers doesn’t only work as a way to do unrelated or menial tasks, they also function as a way to lift weight off of your shoulders.

Using a content marketing freelancer to prepare content calendars, or receiving content from freelance content creators, can help free up internal resources.

Freeing you and your employees up for other important tasks, tasks that they can handle more efficiently with less of a work load.


What are you waiting for?

As you can see, outsourcing could be a very beneficial strategy for you and your business.

It does come with its own issues, such as communication and delivery of work, but if you plan it right, it will help you and your business thrive.

So, what are you waiting for?

Have another reason why outsourcing won’t be a part of your business strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Aliens Campaign: Cadbury escapes planet earth and Egyptians aren’t happy

Customization marketing is an important and crucial aspect of marketing that many of us forget to take into consideration. Marketers…

Customization marketing is an important and crucial aspect of marketing that many of us forget to take into consideration. Marketers continue to focus on pushing maximum reach, but forget that reach isn’t always everything.

Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company wholly owned by American company Mondelez International (originally Kraft Foods) since 2010.

The Mondelez-owned brand Cadbury Egypt catches up ‘Free the joy’ global campaign, but seemingly bites the dust with consumer feedback. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate is both an international and local hit, a popular choice for many. Unfortunately, it seems that Dairy Milk may lose some of its strong footing in Egypt after its newest campaign.

Dairy Milk jumps out of the box in 2018, so far out that they have flung themselves into space! The chocolate bars have found their way into alien hands.


Don’t let those wide innocent eyes fool you.

They’re coming.

They’re here.

And we know what happens when aliens visit our planet!


The idea behind the campaign is brining people to [Feel the Joy or اطلق السعادة]. The alien symbol aims to send out a message of universal love of the chocolate. Showing that Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is able to surpass the limits of culture, language and even planets.

One thing is for sure, the custom-made aliens are definitely making a splash on social media, and everyone has their own opinion on the invasion.


Cadbury Egypt catches up to global campaign, 2 years later….

Cadbury’s not-so fuzzy aliens actually come from one of Cadbury’s international divisions, Cadbury India.

The television ad, and aliens, was first released in 2016 as a part of a global campaign, which was set to release in Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, and in some countries in South East Asia.

The campaign was created for Cadbury for their back-then new slogan, “tastes more chocolately.”

The original TVC was animated by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai and released between October and November of 2016.


With only a few small details changed, and an entire scene cut from the end, the ads are basically identical. It seems like Cadbury did not invest enough in customization or marketing localization, instead opting to not customize the ad for local consumption.


Cadbury 2018 global brand platform changes into kindness

Cadbury global marketing strategy in 2018 tends to leave joy positioning after six years to go ‘back to brand roots’. The new key marketing messages are designed to focus genuine acts of kindness and generosity.

The new marketing direction in 2018 is re-connecting consumers to Cadbury brand equity by aligning the key messages with moments of kindness instead of moments of joy.

Watch the new TV campaign first aired on 12 January which marks the same date of launching the aliens campaign in Egypt.


The new brand positioning aligned with kindness theme will be implemented across the Cadbury portfolio in 2018, starting with the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand.


Egypt’s Social Media Feedback

If you do not get Egypt, Egypt will get you. A quick review of the teaser published on Facebook brand page shows that 49% of the comments have been negative towards the aliens (40% positive, 11% other).

Comments ranged from” Irrelevant and not consistent with their “Happiness” platform… Not every global campaign should fit locals!” to “Is this an ad or a horror movie?” *

Another issue that some fans have brought up is the fact that the Aliens were featured on major billboards days before the teaser’s release.

Enabling many people to figure out their feelings about the creatures without the campaign’s context. Perhaps if Cadbury had waited to release the billboards after the ad had been released, then they may have had a better reception.

It’s not all bad though, some people have clearly enjoyed the ad such as this commentator, “I have to buy a Cadbury chocolate bar soon cause [I] love this type of out of this world creepy and unusual stand out advertisement.”

There are two things that this campaign has left us to wonder.

Would the campaign have made it through if Cadbury focused more on customization, and created focus groups to check on feedback?

Would have revealing the billboards at a later date, after the ads release, allowed customers to have more time to like the aliens?

And here is another question, why is their dance so catchy?

Give us your answers in the comments!

*Translated from Arabic

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Infographic: The original names and logos of famous Egyptian brands

There are many reasons an organization or a famous brand would decide to rebrand. The main reason is when it…

There are many reasons an organization or a famous brand would decide to rebrand. The main reason is when it needs to create a greater sense of brand unity across its business to reflect differentiated identity in the minds of consumers.

For new marketers and experienced professionals, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes that occur in the market. From classic brand names getting uplifts, to brands completely going under the knife and getting a new identity, we are tasked to keep documenting the changes.

We at Think Marketing are working on developing new indigenous content initiatives that meant to provide valuable help for both local and international businesses to better understand and track the Egyptian marketing scene.

In the last 25 years, some Egyptian brands implemented new rebranding strategy which involved a new logo design uplift while others got a totally new brand identity. To make it easier for you, we’ve made an infographic! *

*Give it a moment, it may take a moment to load.


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What did Egyptians Google this year? Most Trending Searches of 2017

For years now, internet-giant Google has been releasing its annual “Year in Search,” which chronicles the year’s most trending topics….

For years now, internet-giant Google has been releasing its annual “Year in Search,” which chronicles the year’s most trending topics. Twelve months’ worth of topics are categorized and rated, showing exactly what the world feels or is searching for during the year.

This year’s Year in Search displays a lot of heart and self-expression worldwide.

The video shows some of the world’s biggest fears in 2017, but also show us the hope and faith that people had in times of horror and strife.

The video shows the world coming together, to become fearless, strong and helpful.

While the worldwide results have categories such as Global News, Losses (celebrity deaths), and recipes, Egypt’s list was a lighter and less serious list.


Egyptians Googled


  1. Results of Primary Schools
  2. World Cup Draw
  3. Selsal el Dam Series (مسلسل سلسال الدم)
  4. El Keaf song by Cairokee (اغنية الكيف)
  5. Professional Academy for Teachers
  6. Egyptian Knowledge Bank
  7. Football Match Egypt Vs. Cameroon
  8. Despacito
  9. Al Ahly Club Elections



  1. World Cup Draw
  2. Al Ahly Club Elections
  3. The Funeral of artist Shadia
  4. The new Egyptian Ration Supply card
  5. Oasis terrorist attack (حادث الواحات)
  6. Results of Draw for Hajj (نتيجة قرعة الحج السياحى)
  7. Hurricane Irma
  8. Zamalek Club Elections
  9. Warraq Island
  10. Tiran and Sanafir



  1. El Keaf song by Cairokee (اغنية الكيف)
  2. Despacito
  3. Elab Yalah (مهرجان العب يلا)
  4. Abd El Salam (مزمار عبد السلام)
  5. Btnadeny Tany Leeh (اغنيه بتنادينى تانى ليه)
  6. Ya Amm Ya Sayad (اغنية عم يا صياد)
  7. Dala’ El Takatk مهرجان دلع تكاتك)
  8. 3 Dakat (3 دقات)
  9. Mady El Nas (معدي الناس)
  10. Amr Diab’s new Album


Public Figures

  1. Mahmoud Al-Khatib
  2. Ahmed Shafiq
  3. Elissa
  4. Gamila Awad
  5. Abd El-Salam
  6. Wafaa El Kilany
  7. Mahmoud Taher
  8. Nader Ahmed
  9. Essam El-Hadary
  10. Mohamed Salah



  1. Egypt Vs Cameroon
  2. Al Ahly Vs Al Tarji
  3. Egypt Vs Ghana
  4. Egypt Vs Mali
  5. Egypt Vs Burkina Faso
  6. Egypt Vs. Uganda
  7. Egypt Vs Tunisia
  8. Al Ahly Vs Al Wadad Morocco
  9. Egypt Vs Morocco
  10. Al Ahly Vs Étoile Sportive du Sahel


TV Shows

  1. Selsal el Dam Series (مسلسل سلسال الدم)
  2. Kafr Dalah (كفر دلهاب)
  3. Ramez Ta7t el Ard (رامز تحت الارض)
  4. Kalapsh (مسلسل كلبش)
  5. Adly Allam (عفاريت عدلي علام)
  6. El Ostora (مسلسل الاسطورة)
  7. Shakshak Sho (شكشك شو)
  8. Heba Regl Al-8orab (هبة رجل الغراب)
  9. Lam3y Al-2ot (لمعي القط)
  10. Hany Haz El-Gabal (هاني هز الجبل)
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