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Vodafone Hires Amr Diab To Influence New Customers Acquisition

The best customer acquisition strategies reach a wide audience base, clearly communicates value, and compels immediate action. This is what exactly what the Egyptian popstar Amr Diab can do.

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Vodafone Egypt hired the World Music Award winner to strengthen Vodafone brand position in the Egyptian market as market leader and influence new customers to join the telecom giant following Amr Diab as Vodafone customer. Ironically Amr Diab did not say any word in the entire ad which released few hrs ago on Vodafone Egypt YouTube Channel and expected to be supported by TV commercials, billboards and press ads.

Watch the 45 second advert and let us know your opinion about choosing Amr Diab to be the new Vodafone Egypt brand influence star ?

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