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Your Brand Identity Is More Than Just A Logo

Have you ever wondered what makes a brand memorable?

If your answer is the logo, then you need some time to think again. Before you answer, take some time to think of some brands you always recognize without even seeing the logo. A brand is so much more than a logo, and a successful brand is one that can make its customers know it just by simple factors other than the logo.

So, today we will discuss why the brand is more than just a logo and that there is a certain factor that is more important than a logo.


Your Brand Is More Than Just A Logo

As important as the logo is, your customers can still recognize your brand without it.

If you are able to recognize a brand without seeing a logo, this answers why a brand is beyond just a logo. A powerful brand has to have a powerful brand identity, it is what helps form the brand itself from its tone of voice, the logo, the persona with its characteristics, and even the colors.


What Is Brand Identity

A Brand Identity is a collection of certain elements, including the logo to deliver one certain image to the customers.

A brand identity can help you know how you want your brand to be and how to humanize it. Creating an identity can help you define its features and persona. Also, depending on the product you’re selling, you will be able to create the proper identity.

For example, if your brand is a clothing store for teenagers, then you have to create an identity that can represent the youth and from this point, you will be able to define its persona and characteristics.


The Power of Brand Identity

The brand identity is the beginning of creating your brand; it is the source of the logo and persona.

A powerful brand identity can make your brand memorable for a long time. If you’re wondering how then ask yourself, what is the brand you still remember from your childhood or even from a couple of years ago? You’d be surprised that you remember a lot.

A powerful brand identity can help the customer differentiate a brand from another and can even tell each brand’s characteristics without even googling, they can know them just by seeing an advert or a design.


How To Create A Brand Identity

There are certain factors to put in mind when you’re creating your brand identity. The first thing you should do is imagine how you want your brand to be viewed.

First of all, ask yourself the following, what is your mission? And what are your values? These two questions will put you at the beginning of the road. The next thing to do is consider the type of product or service you’re providing and your target audience, this can help you picture the identity and build it.

Think of your brand as a person, how would it look like? Is it a female or a male? Which generation does it belong to? What are its characteristics? Answering these questions will help you create your brand’s personality, which will depend on the identity.

From there you can start thinking about the logo and the colors and remember that they have to reflect your brand’s persona, identity, and values.


Here Are Some Brands That Own A Powerful Identity

There are some brands that you can remember without even seeing their logos, and you can do so either by listening to their jingle or even spotting an iconic design element/s.

What do you think of when someone mentions Coca-Cola? The things that come to your mind like the sound of opening the can, the color red, the family gatherings, and the importance of sharing.

Even though Pepsi is similar to Coca-cola, you would list different characteristics, as you would think of summer vibes, fun, and beach.

What about Mercedes? You would instantly think of elegance and class.

Unlike Lamborghini, you would think of Youth, Cool, and modern.

All of these things you remember are characteristics and values that the brand had defined for its identity and they can be the first thing you remember when you’re asked about the brand.



So, if you’re about to launch your own brand, make sure it has a powerful identity that will forever remain memorable.

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