Why You’re Feeling Lazy on a Normal Working Day and What to Do About It

Have you ever woke up feeling you just want to stay in bed doing absolutely nothing? Like you want to call your work and just ask for a day off.
Sometimes it’s one of those days that even though you made it to work, you still feel that you don’t want to do anything. It’s like your mind can’t process the simplest task.

We all had similar days where we felt lazy and had no desire to work, and if you ever wondered why, we will tell you now.


Feeling That Your Work Isn’t Good Enough

We all go through moments like these, where we feel that what we do isn’t good enough. It can be because you’re not productive or because you noticed your performance needs enhancement.

Sometimes, it can be because of negative feedback about your work. All of these can drive you to think that your work isn’t good enough.

Our performance and work go through ups and downs, so, it’s normal to face a similar situation. You have to know that it’s ok and you should trust what you do and work on improving it.

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 Feeling Overwhelmed by Tasks

Sometimes it is one of those days where you’re loaded with work and tasks just keep on coming. Having too many tasks in one day can make you feel helpless. Feeling overwhelmed by tasks can make you feel that you can’t do any of them and you won’t be able to finish on time.

What you need to do is to relax and organize your tasks by their deadline. Start with the most important one and then go gradually. Or you can tell your manager that you have many tasks and ask for someone to help.


How Should I Begin?

Sometimes working on a new task can make you lazy, especially if you never worked on a similar one before.

Not knowing how to start a task can be confusing and frustrating. Instead of actually working, you get the feeling that you incapable of doing anything.

If you found yourself in this situation, you can ask for help or you can spend some time organizing your thoughts and research if possible.

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How Long Have You Been Working?

Answer that question and the reason why you’re lazy will be crystal clear.

Working for too long without a break is exhausting; and we’re not just talking about hours, we’re talking about working constantly for months without any vacation. This can make you feel burnt out, which will lead to mental exhaustion so your mind will simply stop receiving any data you’re trying to insert.

The solution is pretty clear at this point but if you don’t want to take some days off, then try to spend your weekend relaxing without any communication with the outside world. Just work on clearing your mind.


Your Overthinking Is Consuming You

Overthinking can turn you from the most productive employee to the laziest one who can’t achieve anything. You could be overthinking personal problems, and you could be overthinking the task you’re working on.

When you overthink a task, you’re consuming your own energy and mind so eventually, you will feel that you can’t achieve anything because you’re tired from thinking. Also, overthinking a task will make you feel that you can’t do it, so you will end up giving it up and feeling helpless.

You have to be aware that overthinking a task is doing nothing but delaying you. So instead of thinking about what to do, start working and you will find yourself smoothly finishing it.


Today Your Passion Lies Somewhere Else

We are all passionate about our jobs but sometimes this passion takes some days off!

You could go to work today but deep down, your passion is driving you to do something else. At this moment, you will feel lazy to do your work. In another situation, you could be assigned to do a certain task that is different from what you always do, so your passion here belongs to what you love doing, not to the new task.

To stop this feeling of laziness, you can let this passion drives towards your work, meaning, as long as you’re sure you will do what you’re passionate about when the day is done, this feeling can drive you to finish your work.


Your Mind Is Somewhere Else

Sometimes you’re not overthinking or even tired, sometimes your mind just isn’t present today.

It happens to almost all of us; sometimes we have a lot on our minds, so we choose to think about anything but work. We can even think about sleeping in bed when we are sitting at our desks at work.

At this time, you need to focus, you can do that by reminding yourself of your tasks, or you can take a walk for 5 minutes to clear up your mind.


Remember, this can happen to all of us, even your manager and your manager’s boss. So, don’t pressure yourself. And if you ever felt lazy at work, share with us the reason why and how you overcome it. 

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