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What’s the problem with today’s advertisers?

Watching ads with a very critical eye had always been one of my favorite things to do during Ramadan. Professionally and as a typical viewer, I believe there are so many important elements that had been diminishing throughout the years within the advertising industry

Focusing on creating”propaganda” rather than supporting the intended brand imagery is what I can see creative directors focusing on right now.

Remember the Energizer’s Bunny? Juhayna’s “Ensa ya Amr”? Dream Park’s “Dooby” ? Vodafone’s “Bibo far2a3 Gigi”? and many other advertisements that were strongly graved in the viewer’s mind, taking its brand equities to  whole new levels

I certainly believe that the advertising industry is losing talents big time; understanding their client’s brief and working on supporting its overall marketing growth strategy is no longer powerfully existing

I am sharing with you a couple of thoughts on what I have been observing on brands’ performances this Ramadan; with its positive and negative outputs. Yet from a wide angel, all I can see are poor ideas that lacks needed creativity

Is Pepsi realizing what does it really stand?

I don’t know why does Impact BBDO wants to create a “boring platform” out of Pepsi’s Nostalgia theme? Do they realize that Nostalgia is no longer in? Is no longer emotionally engaging?

Consumers now are realizing that brands and companies are making a business out of it rather than genuinely reminding them of the good old days


Nestle’s Marketers win big time

Whether JWT or any other advertising agency, I think that advertisers handling Nestle accounts are doing a good job in understanding heir business needs

  • Nescafe:

    Although the new platform “beginnings are always with Nescafe”  is vey much relevant to Nescafe’s core target , still the long-term impact of the copy is questionable!… Specially that the copy is coming in Ramadan, which is more of a tea than coffee time of the year!

  • Crunch:

    excellent attempt to shift the brand from a childish one with its horrible shark to a cool teen-ish one with its new TVC that even reached well through older ages… This was an ad, where its creative team exerted some effort to introduce something novel to the market

  • Mega:

    excellent digital existence; advertising for the new variant through social media bloggers; yet the new TVC is not as strong as how they introduced last years’ cookies’ one and of course not as strong as how they introduced Maxibon


Fox’s creative directors; FROM ZERO TO HERO!

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” – a quote summarizing all what fox team did after banning their initial ad and coming back with its new one- HATS OFF

Lion and Etisalat: doing it right is more important than just doing it!

There is something extremely provoking about comparative ads that make viewers engage with them.


Yet when they are done this poorly you wouldn’t achieve the needed success. Etisalat and Lion wanted to create a buzz through jumping over Vodafone, Tiger and Fox; my advice is “yate3melooha sa7 ya balash!”


Al Araby: A provocative melody is sometimes needed!

Memorable, impactful and provocative: “el o3’neya me3ala2a fi demaghy”- a sentence I heard form more than a friend; many people catch themselves reciting the song…NB: this is success

Let’s sum it up by hoping that next year; marketers and advertisers would focus more on ideas rather than executional routes; take a step closer to their target audiences, attend consumer research studies and co-create a fresh idea derived from a relevant consumer insight.

Let’s hope they focus more on creatively building a brand rather than just creating  buzz

I am afraid one day Pepsi’s ads would be reminiscing about the good old ads days!

Lina Abou El Azm

Lina is a Consumer Good Professional with 7 years of experience in the different fields of Marketing and Sales. Between Dubai and Cairo she had spent all her career life. Reading people minds and analyzing trends for a living.With great passion and love brands, people and how each of them shape/affect one another.