Lina Abou El Azm

Lina is a Consumer Good Professional with 7 years of experience in the different fields of Marketing and Sales. Between Dubai and Cairo she had spent all her career life. Reading people minds and analyzing trends for a living.With great passion and love brands, people and how each of them shape/affect one another.
  • Think-Marketing-Pepsi-and-Vodafone-When-chemistry-exists-between-two-big-brands-exists

    Pepsi and Vodafone: When chemistry between two big brands exists!

    There is something very conforming about seeing a promotional campaign bringing Pepsi and Vodafone together. You wouldn’t find weird, you wouldn’t find it strange, and you would instantly feel the ‘business chemistry’ existing between those big brands. And that what blends the promotional strategies for those two brands perfectly....
  • What’s the problem with today’s advertisers

    What’s the problem with today’s advertisers?

    Watching ads with a very critical eye had always been one of my favorite things to do during Ramadan. Professionally and as a typical viewer, I believe there are so many important elements that had been diminishing throughout the years within the advertising industry Focusing on creating”propaganda” rather than...