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Vodafone spot the light on football fan’s lives in hilarious advertising campaign

As Egypt’s national team will do its best to win the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations finals which kicks off in Gabon on 14 January, also Egyptian brands doing its best to capitalize on the big African event.

Many brands are coming up with creative campaigns to support the Egyptian National Football Team with various approaches as Egyptians are anticipating the African Cup of Nations 2017.

Egypt won the first two editions of the tournament, in 1957 and 1959 and get back with significant victories in 2006, 2008, 2010 to mark the Pharaohs as the most successful team in the African football history with a record of seven times. Egypt however missed the last three editions after winning the trophy in Angola in 2010.

Vodafone Campaign for Cup of African Nations 2017:

The latest brand behind the incognito teaser campaign that has gone viral in a span of two days, featuring many influencers wearing the Egyptian’s National team jersey.

Throwback: Cheer For Egypt To Win: Buzzworthy Teaser Campaign!

Turns out to be Vodafone Egypt as they has claimed ownership of the buzz-worthy teaser campaign that went viral almost a week ago with the double meaning hashtag Cheer for the Egyptian National Team or support the Egyptian National team to get rewarded #شجع_مصر_تكسب two days ago on their Facebook page, which rekindled audience’s curiosity and anticipation for the big campaign launch, and that is obvious by the 40K likes.

The anticipation was surely getting the best of us, but finally the wait is over.

2006 Africa Cup of Nations Flashback

Vodafone’s latest creative advert released 5 hours ago, their newest campaign, Celebrating Egypt’s qualification for the African Cup of Nations after 7 long years and encouraging Egyptians to support Egyptian’s National Football team to win.

In a humorous approach , the advert copy feature the memory of 2006 Africa Cup of Nations. It was hosted by Egypt and Egypt won its fifth championship, beating Cote d’Ivoire in the final 4−2 in a penalty shootout after a goalless draw.

2008 Africa Cup of Nations Flashback

The iconic scene in the final when Cameroon captain Rigobert Song was punished for losing a tough tussle with Mohamed Zidan. Zidan pushed the ball along the edge of the box into the path of Mohamed Aboutrika, who had a simple finish from 15 yards to start the celebrations allover Egypt.

Vodafone’s ad compared Zidan’s maneuvers with Egyptian’s mother famous flying slipper, that is an inside joke to every Egyptian.

In a hilarious narrative of the young fan’s welcome home after celebrating his national team’s winning and forgetting to notify his mother of being late, where he was welcomed by his angry mother’s flying slipper and having to re-live Zidan’s maneuvers to pass the ball. Nonetheless, whatever happened after getting home did not deter his pride over his national team’s great win.

Vodafone Egypt is motivating the fans by doubling their joy and escalating their happiness by winning 30 free minutes, megabits and much more every time the Egyptian team wins.

Which we don’t think the Egyptians need this kind of incentive to support their country’s Football national team as we are huge fans of our nation’s football team but it is still a good gesture to remember the importance of the fans, as we get very emotionally invested, and cheer wholeheartedly.

So it is important to remember the fans alongside the players.

In 5 hours the first video in the campaign gained 1.4K likes. Vodafone Egypt has surly got us hooked to what is coming next.

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