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Cheer For Egypt To Win: Buzzworthy Teaser Campaign!

In 2017, Advertise your business with catchy phrases and bragging about alluring features will not get people’s attention. Now, marketing and communications departments has to explore more exciting ways to fascinate and maintain their audience’s attention and trust.

Consumers get thousands of messages every day and brands now got the chance to capture the opportunity to communicate outside the traditional channels and communicate to tell the brand story using digital media.

With the rapid change and evolution of digital media technologies, mixing traditional PR and digital media become a must in the growing number of internet users which elevates the importance of digital media in the marketing innovation arena.

“Cheer For Egypt To Win” Teaser Campaign:

People follow social media influencers including actors, writers and fashionistas who share their own interests and beliefs, as they get the latest trends and tips of what they really love, be it fashion, make-up, sports or art/literature fields encourage their followers to always keep engaging and stay updated with the latest trends.

The recent anonymous teaser campaign launched on 30th of December 2016 featuring the Arabic hashtag [#شجع_مصر_تكسب] entitled “Cheer For Egypt To Win” spread out through Social Media as a tactical move until the “revealing” of the campaign.

The teaser campaign launched by introducing a number of influencers posting their photos in the Egyptian National Football team jersey associated with the hashtag [#شجع_مصر_تكسب].

Launching such a mysterious teaser that meant to bring back the winning spirit for Egyptians, went viral on the three main social media networks; Facebook, Instagarm and Twitter in Egypt.

The creative, witty use of hashtag for the incognito brand behind the teaser campaign generated more questions and smart-guessing as “Cheer for Egypt to Win” already got a double meaning which makes the campaign even more mysterious. It either means to encourage the Egyptian National team till victory or, support the Egyptian National team to get rewarded!

Now that word of mouth recommendations and guessing around [#شجع_مصر_تكسب] getting higher as the campaign hashtag went viral on Instagram to record 144.600 interactions organically and achieved 307,964 impressions on Twitter in just 48hrs.

It wouldn’t take a genius to expect 6 digits record on the mega campaign launch!

Probably by now the teaser campaign triggered your mind to guess what is the upcoming campaign “teasing” you about? Let’s wait and see!

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