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Uber announce first major API integration in Egypt with

Transportation network company, Uber announced about harnessing the power of simplicity, by partnership with the Egyptian application Bey2ollak to strategically joined forces aiming to make it easier while moving in Egypt streets!

This partnership is designed to help riders minimize their time spent in a car, and help drivers maximize their income by completing more trips per day.

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According to Uber: Knowing where you want to go is half the battle. Knowing the quickest way to get there is just as important. Bey2ollak saves commuters time, optimizing the routes people take everyday. The app uses the power of the crowd to create alerts about accidents, traffic jams and/or road hazards, and shares these updates with other commuters. Having all of that information at the touch of a button greatly cuts down the unnecessary stress of getting from point A to point B….and that’s where Uber comes in!

Now when you go into the Bey2ollak app, you will see the Uber link on the “Near Me” and “Favorites” tab:


Uber partnership with Bey2ollak Egypt streets navigation


This collaborative partnership will benefit both Uber riders and Beyollak users alike:

  • Bey2ollak users will now be able to request their Uber directly from within the Bey2ollak app.
  • Uber driver-partners are encouraged to use the Bey2ollak app to measure real-time roadway congestion and better navigate through the cities congested streets, saving riders time and money.


Bey2ollak is a Cross Platform Mobile application for people to exchange info about traffic that uses the power of crowd-sourcing, social interaction, localization and above all simplicity with the vision of providing our users with the ideal road companion app on their everyday journey!

Bey2ollak is an “award winning” start-up (winners of the “NexGen” and the “Start with Google” Competitions). Bey2ollak Launched virally on 10/10/2010 and has currently more than 1 Million registered users. In addition, Bey2ollak has Pepsi, Shell, Toyota, Barclays, Vodafone and Uber as partners and sponsors.

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