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The Start of A New World: EBank X Tamer Hosny Start A Digital Banking Era

This Ramadan we have seen many sectors’ adverts stand out; some brands made a comeback while others surprised us with their new persona and a new identity.

One of the sectors that grabbed our attention with its advert this season is the banks’ sector; we have seen many banks release impressive adverts this Ramadan and there’s a certain one that grabbed our attention, this bank is EBank.

The Export Development Bank of Egypt released a very creative campaign this Ramadan that is different from the other adverts and it showcased how it made a hugely successful transformation and how it is presenting a new world.


EBank Presenting “A New World”

EBank competes against adverts giants with a very creative campaign this Ramadan.

Only a week after the holy month of Ramadan had started, EBank released its advert saving a seat among other brilliant banks’ adverts.

On the 8th of April, EBank launched its brand new campaign under the name of “A New World, We’re Its First”, which reflects the transformation and the new identity that EBank has now.  The campaign presented a huge collaboration with the megastar Tamer Hosny and released a jingle-based advert that is very creative.

We have to say that the choice of collaborating with Tamer Hosny is very smart as the superstar has a special place in the hearts of millions of Egyptians from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Also, since EBank gave itself a new and young persona, then no one could represent youth other than Tamer Hosny.

This collaboration has resulted in one of the best, catchy, and optimistic jingles as it urges people to look for tomorrow and chase their dreams. It is also worth mentioning that the use of GFX was impressive; so, you can easily notice the huge effort done in this advert.


The Start of A Digital Banking Era: How EBank Was Able To Deliver This Message

EBank presented a new product along with the new identity, which is reflected in the advert.

The idea of virtuality and hologram usage you saw in the advert is implanted in real life in the bank system.

EBank launched the first-ever virtual banking platform that is providing many virtual options including video calls to its clients to make their banking transactions easier; the bank also introduced a hologram female under the name of Elena to provide you with all the information.

A snapshot from EBank’s Ramadan 2022 Ad

This is why you see in the advert a hologram of Tamer Hosny as he is representing the technology the bank is using.

A Younger Persona of EBank To Start A New World

Right at the beginning of 2022, EBank went through a rebranding process and transformed from EBE to EBank.

The Export Development Bank of Egypt was founded in 1983 with the primary mission to boost and facilitate Egyptian exports in all sectors, agricultural, industrial and commercial. Up until December 2021, it was known as EBE, but in January 2022 it went through a complete transformation and became EBank.

The bank’s new identity changed to a new younger persona, new colors, and a new logo.

It is worth mentioning that the advert was a perfect resemblance to the new identity of the bank.

Throwback Export Development Bank Rebrands Itself and Gets A New Identity


The Significance of The Letter E in EBank

The letter E in EBank has more than just one important meaning.

The bank wanted to emphasize the power of this certain letter as it doesn’t just stand for “Electronic”, it also stands for Egyptian, Export, Excellence, Entrepreneurship, and Evolution.

It’s a symbol of the bank’s core values and areas of expertise, and it also rightfully positions it as a leader in the digital banking world.


EBank was able to prove its efficiency and it became one of the most recognized banks this Ramadan.

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