Export Development Bank Rebrands Itself and Gets A New Identity

Rebranding your business or brand is a tricky process that needs a very smart and accurate plan. Not every rebranding goes well and many brands are scared to actually rebrand themselves. Even though rebranding is a little bit risky, some brands actually succeed in doing it and we have seen many brands gain more popularity after rebranding themselves.

We have spotted a brand that recently had done a huge transformation and rebranded itself, this brand actually belongs to the banking sector, it is The Export Development Bank of Egypt, EBE.

The bank rebranded itself and created a whole new identity and we’re here to track the whole process.


Export Development Banks Rebrands Itself and Gets A New Identity

The Export Development Bank of Egypt, EBE got itself a new identity and became EBank.

EBE was founded in 1983 to boost and facilitate Egyptian exports in all sectors including agricultural, industrial, and commercial. Up until 2022, the bank was known as EBE but in January 2022, everything changed.

EBE launched a new identity and became EBank and gave itself a new logo, new colors, and a younger persona.

We have to admit that we were amazed and surprised that a bank could transform itself this successfully; also, the EBank didn’t just get a new identity, in fact, it launched a new product.


EBank Takes The Banking Sector To A Whole New Level

With the new identity and product, EBank could easily be ahead of the race.

EBank launches the first-ever virtual banking platform, which is a virtual site that simulates the New Capital branch that will be opened soon. The virtual platform is well-equipped and can provide different services.

As a user, you can actually make video calls and phone calls through the platform to do your banking transactions.

The virtual banking platform is not the only product; EBank has created a hologram female under the name of Elena to provide you with all the information about the bank’s products and to serve the other clients.


What The E Stands For

The E in EBank and Elena doesn’t stand for just “Electronic”, it stands for a lot more.

E in EBank was chosen to stand for Egyptian, Export, Excellence, Entrepreneurship, and Evolution. As for Elena, the name has a totally different meaning than what you just had in mind, it’s not just an ordinary name, it actually has a hidden meaning, which is ‘For Us’. The E stands for EBank –The bank’s name-, while Lena stands for ‘Us’ in Arabic.


EBank Promotes The New Identity

Every rebranding and new identity needs a campaign.

The bank collaborated with Superstar Mohamed Farrag to launch a promotional campaign. The advert is different, cheerful, and colorful and it highlighted Farrag’s Fawazeer-like musical skills. We also have to admit that it is different from any other bank’s advert.


The advert was released 3 weeks ago and it achieved really high numbers. On YouTube, the advert has over 4 million views, while on Facebook it has over 19 million views and 45K reactions.

We could say that EBank has created its own success story in how to rebrand yourself.

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