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The Pulse of Mountain View: A New Innovation From Mountain View to Add Value to its Community

Mountain View’s astounding leadership in the real estate sector is largely attributable to the brand’s consistent and passionate pursuit of building intimate communities based on the science of happiness.

It’s accompanied by world-class and integrated services at each of its developments, but it wouldn’t be the brand it is today without persisting endeavors to strengthen emotional bonds and encourage interpersonal communication with each of its residents and their families.

In the same happiness-driven spirit, Mountain View announced “The Pulse of Mountain View”: a print magazine tailored to their residents’ needs and desires!

Shall we take a look inside?

What “The Pulse of Mountain View” offers?

First, it’ll incentivize two-way communication and build stronger emotional connections between Mountain view and each resident. In terms of content, it shall cover everything their community needs to know about Mountain View as a real estate developer. This includes their latest launches, project updates, newest services, upcoming events, and more …

In addition to diverse sections tailored to the needs and desires of its community, ranging from travel to entertainment.

What Brought it to Life?

With the ultimate purpose of inducing positive energy into its community and helping each member within it to develop and grow, the magazine shows substantial promise when it comes to strengthening interpersonal communication and emotional bonds between Mountain View and each resident.

It also exhibits its strong commitment to its overarching mission: nurturing future generations, developing the youth, and supporting young entrepreneurs.

One of the common goals of every single organization worldwide is to continuously be on the lookout for new ways to interact with and create a personal rapport with their clients. And for a real estate developer like Mountain View, finding new methods to initiate a conversation with their community is priceless. Hence, Mountain View came up with a new idea to engage and communicate with their community in a way that matches their residents’ fast-paced, busy, and overloaded lifestyle using Mountain View’s magazine.

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