The Academy Awards: Who said advertisement is not part of the Oscars

The award season is officially over and it ended with the 92 Academy Awards and we can’t deny that it was one of the best and biggest nights ever. As we expected some winners like Joaquin Phoenix, and Brad Pitt for their extraordinary performances, we still witnessed a few surprises like Parasite winning Best Picture which is a first for a non-speaking English movie to win an Oscar.

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And 17 years later a surprise performance from Eminem performing his song Lose Yourself which won an Academy Award back in 2003; it was one of the biggest moments at the Oscars. But let’s view the Oscars from a different angle this time, a marketing angle and how the Oscars event is the best opportunity to advertise and promote your brand.

The Academy Awards as a stage for commercials

As we mentioned earlier that the Academy Awards is the best opportunity to promote your brand, It’s bigger than the Grammy’s and the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl event was said to have around 102 million views including the online streaming but the Oscars is way ahead of this number. We learned that to reserve a 30 seconds spot for your advert, it costs around 2.4 million dollars and we can’t deny that this is the best shot for a commercial to air.

The Whole Globe Is Watching You

Since the Oscars is being watched globally, so, the commercials were not seen by the residents of the United States only, but literally from everyone around the globe; which is every brand owner’s wish for his brand to be introduced globally and every copywriter’s dream for his idea to be seen by the whole world. As it was mentioned, The Oscars is like a stage but instead of seeing plays and performances, you see commercials, every brand has a chance of putting out their best work to promote their product.

There were a lot of commercials including Cadillac who’s one of the sponsors of the event, Adobe, New York Times, Colgate, Heinz, Hulu, Kinder, Verizon Network, and many more.


The brand didn’t have one but several commercials that their total time was 4 minutes to air during the Oscars, and let’s not ignore the fact that Cadillac was one of the sponsors of the event. The campaign is called “Make Your Way” and targeted those who always find a way to achieve what they want. Their ending line was” Others talk about the road to success, we make cars for it”


The famous chocolate brand Kinder reserved a 30 seconds spot to promote its chocolate bar Kinder Bueno which is the first TV spot in the U.S for the new product. The company’s first time to air a commercial during the Oscars was back in 2018 when they promoted their product Kinder Joy.



The brand actually used the Oscar theme so well in promoting their brand. They talked about how many times they appeared in movies and never got a nomination and asked their audience to share with them the movies their brand starred in and in return, they get free Ketchup!

Verizon Network

The network used TV commercials and on ground marketing. The network wanted to promote their new 5G Ultra-Wideband, so, they brought the Oscars’ Red Carpet to life for those who are 2.500 miles away.

Verizon’s 5G Portal transported the fans all the way from New York to outside Dolby Theater to see all the starts live; the network made the audience in control of how they want to view the celebrities by using Verizon 4K 360-degree camera placed on the Red Carpet and with a 5G mobile device connected the 5G network, viewers could live the experience as if they were actually there. Verizon said “Without Verizon 5G Ultra-Wideband, this type of experience would typically require an end-user’s device to be connected using a wired connection limiting the device’s range of motion and ease of use”.

More On-Ground Marketing

Doing an on-ground marketing reminds us of the great moment of Ellen DeGeneres when she was hosting the Academy Awards back in 2014 and took the iconic selfie with a SAMSUNG phone. The selfie is considered to be one of the historical moments of the Oscars until now and it had done great advertisement for SAMSUNG at that time. It was said that this selfie gave SAMSUNG prime advertising that’s almost worth over 20 million dollars.

Why On-Ground Is A Brilliant Idea

We consider Verizon’s idea is brilliant to promote on ground and having everyone trying their network. Also, the iconic selfie that was taken by SAMSUNG is the best example to prove its success. The point of the On-Ground is to prove that what the brand is trying to sell is authentic as their product is being tested live during a massive event that allows no mistake. So, on-ground marketing is a huge plus for a brand to do in such events.

Topping the Other Brands

As much as the Oscars is an amazing opportunity to advertise, you have to put in mind the advert you’re representing; it has to be creative, you have to put the other brands in mind as well because it is a kind of a competition of who had the best advertisement and who left a mark in the viewers as they are watching the event.

As we said, you advert will be watched globally so, you better put your best effort in it. Ask yourself this question, “why is my product worth an advert during the Oscars?” and whatever your answer is, it will be a motive to prove that you have something worth sharing with the world.

In the end, this is a yearly event and each year will witness even more brilliant adverts, more surprises and who knows what next year will hold for marketing and advertisement in the Academy Awards! But what we know is that it is a great chance for any brand to get an amazing recognition from the whole world.

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