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TNC and Ahmed Fahmy are cooking something unique!

For the first time in the Middle East, superstar Ahmed Fahmy partners with Tarek Nour group, not as an actor this time, but as a brand, and content creator.

Tarek Nour group just announced its unique and promising collaboration with Ahmed Fahmy to develop unique content tailored only for the superstar aiming at reaching global audiences.


Digital Content is Booming

People spend most of their time on the internet watching digital content, especially after last year’s events, people had no escape other than watching online videos. Over the years, we have seen many content creators emerge and we have seen many video content.

In fact, this led to the emergence of online platforms to help those content creators publish their content and be more creative. Also, some companies have launched their own platforms so they can launch their own video content.

From left to right: Basel El-Deeb, Managing Partner – TNC (Tarek Nour Communications) and superstar Ahmed Fahmy.

This will bring us to our news of the day, which is one of the best and biggest agencies in Egypt is actually launching its own business venture to serve the same purpose but in a different style.


Tarek Nour Makes The First-move

Tarek Nour already has launched numerous firsts in the region and covered the way for a generation of creative minds to shape our evolving media field.

In a recent announcement by the biggest advertising agency Tarek Nour Communications, a new business venture will be launched for merging and collaborating with superstar Ahmed Fahmy. The collaboration is developed to join forces with Ahmed Fahmy for co-creating unique digital content.

The new venture is anticipated to attract many viewers, especially that TNC is utilising its ideas and accumulated experiences to create creative work with one of the funniest actors on the scene, and is widely loved by the mass.

Also, the agency is targeting digital platforms and planning, in the long run, to open the door for sponsors and brands to join the venture and help in anchoring with the audience a brand needs to reach.


The New Venture Just Got a Logo #AFxTNC

TNC’s Facebook page and Fahmy’s official Facebook page have announced the collaboration but with no further details except that Fahmy didn’t partner as an actor.

The goal of this collaboration and venture is to create a product that is entertaining and can serve people’s different interests.

Also, with the talent of Fahmy along with the brilliance and creativity of Tarek Nour Communications and since TNC’s future plan includes selling Fahmy’s content to brands and online video streaming platforms, we are sure that both will present something creative and unique.

The company also asserted that content will be creative and variable to be able to fit any online platform.


The Best Example of Adaptability

Last year had taught everyone important lessons when it comes to business; the most important one is adaptability. We have seen many companies started to use digital platforms to save their business and people started creating online content more.

This is what Tarek Nour Communications is doing; it’s invading the digital world through its online content.

Creating a business venture that targets only digital platforms is the company’s way of adapting to the current situation that we’ve been living in for more than a year. Since the world is going through a major change in media trends, this venture will open up a new medium in the world of communication that will go in parallel with reinventing and adapting.

We are confident that this venture will be a good opportunity for both parties to deliver rich content and open up a new appetite in the digital media arena. 

We couldn’t be more excited to see what TNC and Ahmed Fahmy will present us, and we’re curious to know what future plans TNC has for this new business venture.

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