Take Answers: A new mobile App aims at disrupting the consultancy industry in MENA

The future is in small business economy led by young dreamers who are today and tomorrow’s makers. While the global economy thrives on businesses of all sizes, consultancy remains unaffordable as set by the big five firms.

Inspired by improving the lives of businesses of all sizes, Take Answers positions itself to resolve this unmet need and allow businesses to ask their questions and get global expert opinions.

Take Answers is a consultancy app that serves startups and SMEs developed to facilitates a Q&A process between client and hands-on- experts from diverse business fields. The new mobile App aims to revolutionise business consultancy field through transforming it by technology, the app is available in both App store and Google Play.

Take Answers features an easy interface for both clients and experts. The client asks a question at a minimal price and selects their question’s category. Chosen expert responds with a specific answer to the client’s question. Unlike search engines and knowledge-bases, Take Answers does not give generic information or advice. Instead, Take Answers provides a two-way conversation.


Said BaaghilThe master mind behind Take Answers idea and concept is Said Baaghil, a reputable Middle East brand and marketing consultant and public speaker, is the Founder of Take Answers. Take Answers is a consultancy app that serves startups and SMEs.

He is also the author of 3 books including “The Power of Belonging” and a co-author to several other books.


To ensure the quality of advice received by clients, Take Answers’ experts are pre- approved through a rigid selection process. Decisions are made after rigorous reviewing of expert’s credentials, therefore selection can be concluded in days or weeks. All experts listed on Take Answers must maintain high ratings and reviews to remain on the platform.

Take Answers’ goal is to empower startups and SMEs in all their business operations to improve their competitiveness.

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