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Sherif Khairy story with Jeep: No hype does NOT equal no marketing

Last Thursday had us all on our toes due to the major weather event known as “Dragon Storm”. With the excepted harsh weather conditions especially in Fifth Settlement, a group of Jeep owners decided to drive around to help drowned cars. The 4X4 owners called themselves the Jeep Squad.

This inspiring rescue squad started their operations last February by offering a helping hand without asking for anything in return.

https://www.facebook.com/Rescue-Squad-111070987161033/حصيلة يوم عنيف 🤷🏻‍♂️😂الحمد لله طلعنا اكتر من ٢٠ عربية و…

Posted by Mahmoud Ossama Hassaan on Monday, February 24, 2020


They even shared a mobile number to allow car owners in trouble contact them easily. The Jeep Squad create their own Facebook page with their numbers and they stated that the page includes people who owns cars that are SUV ‘Sport utility vehicle’. Their aim is to help cars around New Cairo that drowned due to the pouring rain. However, the story doesn’t end here and the rest is yet to come.

Jeep Breaks Down

In a Facebook post, one of the group initiators stated in a Facebook post that his Jeep broke down and its motor was burned while he was saving a drowned car. The post went viral and some people reposted it seeking help from Jeep itself to bear the repair expenses since it will cost him around 90K EGP.

الحمد لله جيت انقذ عربية غرقانة العربية غرقت والموتور اتكسر ✋كله فضل ونعمةJeep Squad#Jeep_Squad#شير_في_الخير#كلنا_لبعض

Posted by Sherif Khairy on Thursday, March 12, 2020


Even though Khairy’s act came out of his good heart, it caused his car to break down. With people sympathy asking Jeep to participate in the good cause, we can ask you this question; if you were in Jeep’s Marketing team, what would you do?

Brand-Customer Relationships that Create Loyalty

Being human is your brand’s biggest asset. Brands become more human to customers to obtain meaningful communication and deliver value.

Make no mistake, while Jeep like any successful brand is always looking for ways to improve its customer experience, with Jeep bearing the expanses, it will strengthen the bond between the brand and Khairy as a customer and will attract more people to the brand since it will set an example of a perfect brand customer relationship.

Even though it is a small amount of money compared to the Media hype, the outcome of repairing the car can do more to the brand than any other marketing campaign, especially that what Khairy did can be considered as un-planned promotional campaign for Jeep.

AAV To The Rescue

Social Media audience responses and shared messaged about Sherif Khairy story urged getting many offers from Abo Ghali Motors and Ezz Al-Arab ( The main distributor and service center for Jeep brand in Egypt) to repair his car for free but he turned them down because Arab American Vehicles informed him that the management’s decision that they will wave the re[aid expanses for him.

Posted by Sherif Khairy on Sunday, March 15, 2020


Later on, the news are confirmed and the AAV will repair Khairy’s Jeep for free due to his services and He and his Jeep Squad were honored by the Ministry of Interior for the outstanding efforts in helping people voluntary.

Definitely Jeep won the free marketing even if it didn’t manage to catch the Social Media hype.

If you are a brand owner and faced a similar situation, what would you do to catch both?

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