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Shared videos helped feed the needy this Ramadan; Egyptian Food Bank

The Egyptian Food Bank has continued to be one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, focusing its power…

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The Egyptian Food Bank has continued to be one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, focusing its power and ambitions to help end hunger in Egypt. Each year, the bank works hard to find new ways to encourage youth to participate or donate for their cause.

The food bank has a difficult path, as over 15 million people continue to live in slums and below the poverty line.

Each year during the holy month, the EFB works with various other organizations and companies towards their goal, aiming for Ramadan specific advertising and campaign themes. This year, however, the food bank has decided to aim their campaign to last the entire year.


Share a video and end someone’s hunger

The Egyptian Food Bank’s campaign this Ramadan, “El goo3 wa7ed, we el 7al wa7ed” (Hunger and its solution are one), aims to bring more support to the cause and hopes to capitalize on Egyptians’ more charitable nature during Ramadan.

الجوع واحد و الحل واحد بنك الطعام المصرى مش بس فى رمضان … دة طول السنة كمان شكر خاص للفنان لطفى لبيب على تطوعه لحملة #رمضان من #بنك_الطعام#المصرىشكراً لطفى لبيب _ Lotfy Labib

Posted by Egyptian Food Bank {Official Page} on Friday, June 9, 2017


The campaign aims to increase awareness of their cause, and providing viewers with an easy way to help the organization spread more happiness. As a side result, the campaign also puts a quick spotlight to their volunteer program as celebrities are seen helping the boxing process.

The EFB has enlisted several celebrities to help them with their cause; such as Lotfy LabibBushra, Mona Zaki, Aly Mazhar, Ahmed Fahmy and Ragaa El Geddawy. Each celebrity asking one thing of the viewer, “the more you share, the more boxes sent.”

Those who are less fortunate will be happy to receive the boxes, which are filled with food staples such as rice, and includes certain necessities. The Egyptian Food Bank aims to ensure that everyone will be able to eat this year with their campaign.

To double their efforts and increase the number of boxes sent, the Egyptian Food Bank decided to not invest in TV spots this year, instead using the extra money for donations. A small budget was allocated towards online efforts to spread the campaign and ask for more donations.


A year-round offer

What separates this campaign from other Ramadan NGO campaigns, and other Ramadan campaigns in general, is the fact that the campaign will not only happen during the holy month but will continue throughout the year.

Throughout the year, viewers will be able to come back to their favorite videos and share it again. All to help send more boxes to more people in need, and help spread the word of the food bank’s good deeds.

Will you be sharing to show how caring you can be? Let us know in the comments below.

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Google Lantern Awards 2017; winner and top 10 finalists revealed

Google’s Lantern Awards are starting to gain steam this year, with more and more companies sending in their Ramadan Ads….

Google’s Lantern Awards are starting to gain steam this year, with more and more companies sending in their Ramadan Ads. The Lantern Awards is a YouTube based celebration of the most creative and engaging Ramadan video content.

Launched last year, the awards are focused on highlighting the region’s best work during the holy month. This year’s competition received 75 submissions from around the MENA region. The ads are calculated by overall views, engagement statistics and its creative elements.


The Lantern Awards 2017 goes to


Nothing gets past Mohamed Henedi; Orange Egypt

“Their YouTube campaign was tremendously successful in driving high viewership, engagement, and retention amongst all candidates. Humor, tradition, and popular persona were tied together through clever use of special effects which further accentuated the insight and popularity of the ad. Showcasing the scarcity of time during Ramadan proved to strongly resonate amongst the YouTube audience.” – Google



Brand: Orange Egypt

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett

Creative Media Agency: UM


The final list (random order)

Gulf Bank Ramadan Ad

A heartwarming video on the important things in life.



Brand: Gulf Bank

Creative Agency: OMD


Mohammed Ramadan Advertising with the Etisalat Card #TheMostPowerfulCardInEgypt

Mohamed Ramadan revives his past roles for this quirky ad for Etisalat.



Brand: Etisalat Misr

Creative Agency: Tarek Nour Advertising

Creative Media Agency: Initiative Media


Ramadan is Everywhere; Hyundai Santa Fe

This lighthearted ad takes viewers on a journey with Hyundai’s Santa Fe.



Brand: Hyundai

Creative Media Agency: Havas Media Middle East


#MyCampaignForCharity; Saudi Telecom

Continuing the tradition for telecoms creating musical Ramadan ads comes this Saudi Telecoms ad, reaching out to Ramadan’s charitable nature.



Brand: Saudi Telecom

Creative Agency: Caviar

Creative Media Agency: Starcom


Your Happiness is Power #JoyForTheFirstTime; Vodafone Egypt

Vodafone’s newest Ramadan celebrity music fest continues its annual tradition, creating catchy tunes and beating out everyone for viewership.



Brand: Vodafone Egypt

Creative Agency: JWT

Creative Media Agency: MEC


Mobily’s Ramadan Ad

A series of long continuously shot videos make up this finalist.



Brand: Mobily

Creative Agency: Mullon Lowe

Creative Media Agency: Initiative Riyadh


Hold on to Your Dreams; Etisalat Misr

Celebrating their anniversary in Egypt, the ad may not focus on Ramadan principles as much but is a good reminder to keep looking forward.



Brand: Etisalat Misr

Creative Agency: TNA

Creative Media Agency: Initiative


Happy Ramadan Khbayyis; Toyota

A tale about how one person can follow the most valued actions of Ramadan, but forget the smaller things that help others as well.



Brand: Toyota


Add Color to Your Life; VIVA

Last year’s Lantern winner returns to the finals, with a colorful musical.



Brand: Kuwait Telecommunication Company – VIVA

Creative Agency: Piston Kuwait

Creative Media Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group

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Reading between the lines of Ramadan 2017 advertising trends

Ramadan has ended, and most of the country has moved back to the normal groove of things. Think Marketing is…

Ramadan has ended, and most of the country has moved back to the normal groove of things. Think Marketing is taking a look back at the past month’s online advertising campaigns, to keep marketers on their toes for next year’s Ramadan Superbowl.


Running with the numbers

Winning the most viewed ad so far has been Vodafone, with a total of over 68 million views on all platforms. Orange is a close second with their Henedy ad at over 50 million views.

Although Vodafone has a clear advantage, having have released their ad earlier than Orange and having the most views so far, Orange had a real chance to beat out Vodafone for the biggest ad of this year. On the first of June, Vodafone reached its peak viewership, and new views progressively decreased since then. Orange, on the other hand, had a more stable viewership, continuing to have high levels of views every day, although it slowly also decreased but not as much as Vodafone.

Vodafone continues its winning streak as the most shared ad of Ramadan 2017, scoring over 260k shares.


Trending celebrities and new brand faces

The usual trends that have continued throughout the years have returned, such as musical advertising such as Vodafone, celebrity marketing such as with power couple Amr Youssef and Kinda Alloush.

This Ramadan has also produced great advertisements with some new interesting trends. The emotional advertising focusing on Ramadan themes such as Almarai while mixing the socio-economic status for the society specially for Saudi Arabia and GCC markets.


Funny Ads = Viral Campaign?

Fast paced dialogue is a form of scriptwriting that has characters speaking in rapid succession. This year, many companies and agencies have decided to use this method of dialogue for their advertisements, to well received success.

Carrier, Midea, Teama Milk and Coca Cola have all used this form of dialogue and their ads have been received positively. Other brands and agencies have also used fast paced dialogue to moderate success.

Carrier and Teama Milk’s advertisements have become extremely popular due to their quick and witty script.

The most talked about ad so far this Ramadan has got to be EGBank’s advertising series, about how a young man is not appreciated or taken care of.

The bank has recently moved forward with an aggressive expansion and brand awareness campaign to improve their presence in the country. The series of videos have been declared by many as one of the best ad campaigns this Ramadan, being both funny and relatable to its target audience.


Avant Garde/Modern take on advertising

An unseen form of advertising and film making has made itself a space in Egypt’s advertising world this Ramadan. Modern, colorful, fun and light, Modern or Avant Garde video isn’t a common sight in Egypt but these three brands made it their own.

Nestle’s Mega Ice Cream, Lamar Juice and Gloria Ceramic have taken innovative steps in the industry, allowing their agencies free reign to create some great work.

Nestle’s Mega Ice Cream has been praised by many in the creative field as pioneering work in the country’s industry, and the public has had positive reactions to the work.


Ramadan Campaigns Tactical Moves

This year, brands have taken extra steps when it comes to their planning.

Vodafone Egypt get immunized:

In order to combat last year’s negative feedback for their overuse of celebrities and budget, Vodafone first released a Ramadan ad for their foundation. By releasing a charitable and caring video first, Vodafone was able to lessen the negative feedback they would receive on their annual high-budget music video.

Pepsi Hit:

PepsiCo’s Pepsi campaign this year has been hailed as a great accomplishment for the brand. The campaign uses digital video to bring a group of three people together to watch the full ad, effectively bringing people to spend time together.

Coca Cola Response:

As an attempt to fight back against Pepsi’s popular 3-way video, Coca Cola released their second Ramadan advertisement. Their second ad was much better received than its original Ramadan ad, and beat out Pepsi’s viewership by reaching over 2.1 million views.

Read: How to ask for a vacation? Coca Cola super convincing team got the answer!

Whether the video was prepared beforehand or was created due to Pepsi’s success, we may never know, but Coca Cola’s planning/persistence definitely helped them this year.

Found something interesting that should be in here? Let us know in the comments below.

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“D” is Magdi Yacoub Foundation best weapon this Ramadan

The typical NGO Ramadan advertisement usually focuses on the dramatic aspects of their work; the pain and suffering of the…

The typical NGO Ramadan advertisement usually focuses on the dramatic aspects of their work; the pain and suffering of the people they are trying to help, and attempting to get the viewer to feel the same heartbreak. It can be said that audiences have been filled to the brim with advertising clutter using this approach.

To combat this, and increase donations for their cause, the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation has decided to use the dramatic approach with a drop of happiness.


Magdi Yacoub Foundation show us the true impact of donations:

To break out from the usual grey gloom of NGO advertising, the MYF decided they needed a new method to get people excited to donate.

تفتكر "D" هتغير الحكاية ازاي ؟أنت بأيدك تغير حكايته كلها بدوسة زرار#افرح_وفرحهمادخل علي http://myf-changealife.com/

Posted by Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trailer for the video, please click on the link below for the full video and experience


The organization created a micro website, Change a life, in which they host an interactive video. The video tells the story of a child through his eyes, showing viewers the grey bland walls of the hospital they are staying in as well as the anxiety of a sick child. But by simple click of a button, the viewer’s video changes into a fulfilling childhood; playing pixel video games, going to the carnival, everything a child should go through.

The interactive nature of the video allows viewers to see how one button, a symbol for donating, can change a life, how one donation can save a child’s childhood.

By showing the world through a first-person perspective, through their eyes, viewers get to see the big differences between the two videos. The video attempts to create a deep emotional bond between the cause and the viewer, in order to really show them how their donations directly affect people in need.

The images above capture some of the situations reflected in the videos, such as the power of the Spiderman outfit in the happy story and the cannula pain and sickness in the sad one.


Cause and Effect

NGOs are always competing to ask audiences to donate for their cause, it is one of the main things most NGOs do to continue their work. Ramadan becomes a prime time to push and grab people’s attention to donate to good causes due to the holy month’s theme of charity.

By showing the cause and effect of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation and its work, viewers can really see how their donation can impact a person’s life. Two classic NGO advertising tactics, dramatic approach and showing the happiness of people who have defeated their problems, are combined in this sweet video.

The Team Behind The Interactive video:

The video executed by Mediair DG, the digital arm of both Mediair & Animation Advertising.

According to Mediair DG team statement; Our Passion for MYF and our genuine belief in the wonderful cause that it presents was the main drive that pushed us to come up with a creatively different campaign this Ramadan.

Our campaign involves a highly complicated coding system that allows 2 different videos (visual and sound) to play simultaneously allowing the fan to alternate between them by pressing a button. We always aim to dream big and provide the latest technologies that matches those dreams.

Will you click on “D”?

During the holy month of Ramadan, non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) come out to play with other big ad runners. Magdi Yacoub Foundation interactive video is definitely a new idea that utilize the digital media to deliver not just unique message but also deliver an experience for viewers.

Magdi Yacoub Foundation interactive video opens the door for adopting new applications for digital advertising where it doesn’t only depend on spending high budget in promoting the advert but also convince the audience to take action and contribute in the campaign success.

Will you click on “D” to show how caring you can be? Let us know in the comments below.

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Vodafone tops the charts for Ramadan 2017 digital performance, why?

Vodafone continues to break records during the Ramadan season, and continues to leaving other Ramadan ads and campaigns far behind….

Vodafone continues to break records during the Ramadan season, and continues to leaving other Ramadan ads and campaigns far behind.

This year alone, their main Ramadan ad has broken a record no one has held before. In 10 days, their 2017 ad has raised over 1 Million reactions. Reaching this point was no easy feat, even if Vodafone makes it seem like a piece of cake.

Last year’s ad, which was rewarded by being mentioned as one of the world’s most shared ads of 2016, has only reached 994K reactions. Close, but yet so far from their goal.


So, how Vodafone did it again?

Vodafone has been dominating this year’s advertising, receiving over 49% of the Telecom sector ad viewership as well as more than 70% of all telecom interaction, easily beating out both Orange and Etisalat. Vodafone alone has already received top numbers in viewership this Ramadan compared to the entire real estate sector.


1- Mega Production Budget

There is no question that great ads and campaigns have been made with small budgets, but it is unusual to see a campaign with a large budget failing.

One of the telecom giant’s biggest advantages is its almost infinite marketing budget. According to insiders, the annual marketing budget for Vodafone is over 200 million annually. This definitely provides them with a distinct advantage over other companies, not only against their competition in the telecom business.

2- Celebrity Endorsement

Vodafone has become known for using large numbers of celebrities for their Ramadan ads. Following the large ensemble from last year and 2015’s advert, this year includes another large group of celebrities.

Celebrities are commonly used to capture new users and audiences, build brand awareness through the celebrity’s social media channels, and can position the brand with the celebrity’s personal branding. Due to its flexibility and power, this strategy is used by many companies.

More on the abuse of celebrities in ads ► The overuse of celebrities in Ramadan Ads

The overuse and abuse of celebrity marketing has become apparent, especially when it comes to the telecom sector. It is starting to become such a trend that many should wonder, what would happen if they stopped using celebrities? Would they still be as popular as they are now?

3- Successful Partners

Brands who entertain, add value and create meaningful concepts to its target audience are the ones that win their attention, respect and recall.

Vodafone for this Ramadan, decided to proudly boost Egypt’s Red Devils “Al Ahly”, Vodafone has decided to bring back the sports flavor in Ramadan campaign featuring the little pharaoh Ramadan Sobhi who made one of the most buzzing-words for Ramadan 2017 “Ibn El Nady” with the help of Saad Samir’s hilarious dance.

Although Al Zamalik got a huge fan base in Egypt and around Middle East in addition to Africa, that hasn’t stopped Vodafone from taking part of the Ad in the home of Al Ahly “Mokhtar El Tetsh stadium” with cut-outs of with Al Ahly former players Ramadan Sobhi who is based in London now but still supporting his old teammates, even if he can’t show up to attend Ramadan in Cairo.

And soon the buzz-word (Ibn El Nady) is now frequently used by both Al Ahly and Zamalik fans equally!

4- Relevant Content and Themes

One of the reasons why Vodafone has become so popular with its Ramadan advertising is due to its relevant content and themes developed specifically based on the very unique nature of the holy month.

For 2015 and 2016, the company focused on embracing and expanding the family and friends theme, something that many people also focus on during the holy month. Vodafone is able to target a wide range of audiences by using this strategy.

This year’s ad focused on many events; impressing in-laws during your first Ramadan as a married couple, being away from family for the first time, and even the first time experiencing the atmosphere and food.

5- Planning The Plan

To avoid possible backlash against their large budget being used on popular celebrities, Vodafone started Ramadan with their newest Vodafone Foundation initiative.

Read more here ► Vodafone spread joy to the blind this Ramadan

A smart move from the telecommunications company. With the public becoming aware of their CSR work and efforts for Ramadan, the public was not adverse or against the large budget put in place for the actual Ramadan ad that was later released.

6- Celebrate and Communicate

The most important move, and the smartest, has always been their enthusiastic non-use of actual promotional marketing within their Ramadan ads and campaigns.

Rather than provide a strong marketing message, or a new promotion such as what Orange did this year, Vodafone focuses on the pillars and themes of the very special month. Vodafone ads during Ramadan have focused on spending time with family and friends, extending the family, and the spirit of Ramadan; not one of them have ended with a large focus on a selling point!

7- Mixing Logic with Emotional Messages

During the holy month of Ramadan, non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) come out to play with other big ad runners. Ramadan, considered the biggest advertising and marketing season in the Middle East, usually brings out the best in terms of talent and advertising ideas within the region.

Also read ► Vodafone spread joy to the blind this Ramadan

As Ramadan is the peak of Charity and good deeds, this year Vodafone has decided to focus more on corporate social responsibility for Ramadan 2017 with a campaign towards the blind. Vodafone published an advert 24hrs before the start of Ramadan campaign to feature the telecom giant CSR efforts in bringing back the sight for the blind people for this Ramadan.

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