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Shared videos helped feed the needy this Ramadan; Egyptian Food Bank

The Egyptian Food Bank has continued to be one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, focusing its power and ambitions to help end hunger in Egypt. Each year, the bank works hard to find new ways to encourage youth to participate or donate for their cause.

The food bank has a difficult path, as over 15 million people continue to live in slums and below the poverty line.

Each year during the holy month, the EFB works with various other organizations and companies towards their goal, aiming for Ramadan specific advertising and campaign themes. This year, however, the food bank has decided to aim their campaign to last the entire year.


Share a video and end someone’s hunger

The Egyptian Food Bank’s campaign this Ramadan, “El goo3 wa7ed, we el 7al wa7ed” (Hunger and its solution are one), aims to bring more support to the cause and hopes to capitalize on Egyptians’ more charitable nature during Ramadan.

الجوع واحد و الحل واحد بنك الطعام المصرى مش بس فى رمضان … دة طول السنة كمان شكر خاص للفنان لطفى لبيب على تطوعه لحملة #رمضان من #بنك_الطعام#المصرىشكراً لطفى لبيب _ Lotfy Labib

Posted by Egyptian Food Bank on Friday, June 9, 2017


The campaign aims to increase awareness of their cause, and providing viewers with an easy way to help the organization spread more happiness. As a side result, the campaign also puts a quick spotlight to their volunteer program as celebrities are seen helping the boxing process.

The EFB has enlisted several celebrities to help them with their cause; such as Lotfy LabibBushra, Mona Zaki, Aly Mazhar, Ahmed Fahmy and Ragaa El Geddawy. Each celebrity asking one thing of the viewer, “the more you share, the more boxes sent.”

Those who are less fortunate will be happy to receive the boxes, which are filled with food staples such as rice, and includes certain necessities. The Egyptian Food Bank aims to ensure that everyone will be able to eat this year with their campaign.

To double their efforts and increase the number of boxes sent, the Egyptian Food Bank decided to not invest in TV spots this year, instead using the extra money for donations. A small budget was allocated towards online efforts to spread the campaign and ask for more donations.


A year-round offer

What separates this campaign from other Ramadan NGO campaigns, and other Ramadan campaigns in general, is the fact that the campaign will not only happen during the holy month but will continue throughout the year.

Throughout the year, viewers will be able to come back to their favorite videos and share it again. All to help send more boxes to more people in need, and help spread the word of the food bank’s good deeds.

Will you be sharing to show how caring you can be? Let us know in the comments below.

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