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Samsung smacks Apple and Apple fans in new Ad

Samsung has always loved to make fun of its biggest competition, Apple. The two smartphone giants have been butting heads for years now, each biting back through ads or even court room drama. Although it’s been a while, Samsung has finally come out with its newest dig at the iPhone manufacturer.

In Samsung’s newest Ad, Growing Up, the mobile giant has a lot of fun at Apple’s expense.


The ad follows Erik as he falls in love with Apple and its popularity. It starts with iPhone’s very first launch in 2007, with Erik excitedly calling friends with his new phone.

The Galaxy Note creator soon makes fun of the things that many Apple users have come to dread and fear.


Making fun of Apple

First was a poke at Apple’s usage of 16GB storage space for many years, and with no external SD memory slots available.

In another scene, we find Apple’s small screen made fun of beside one of Samsung’s much larger phones.

Later, the ad makes use of Samsung’s water-resistant phones, showing an iPhone in a bowl of rice after an accident in water. Lastly was Apple’s newest contraption, the Dongle, an accessory necessary to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time.

Throughout the ad, you can also see the jokes around Apple’s diehard fans, as they wait in rain and snow for the company’s newest release.

The ad ends with Erik finally switching to Samsung, happily putting his diehard Apple ways behind him.


Rivals to the point of crazy

The theme of Growing Up simply is about making fun of Apple, and that Samsung is always ahead of iPhone’s hardware.

Apple and Samsung fans have always been quick to jump on any opportunity to make fun of the other. Samsung’s unfortunate exploding battery problems are one of many that Apple fans love to point out.

Samsung and Apple fanboys and girls have been at each other’s throats for years, with some incidents of actual physical fighting.

The rivalry between the two has been so well documented, and popular that even Windows made fun of the rivalry in a Windows Phone commercial.

What do you think of the ad? Did you see the final Easter egg that Samsung left behind? Tell us!

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