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Salmonella, Cinderella, and Shigella: Video trends for 2020 is “Viral-Ellas”?

Right at the beginning of this year, Tameem Youness released a new song called Salmonella which you probably heard; it discusses a topic of how some guys handle rejection from girls. The song went viral from the very first second it was released. There were so many people sharing it, loving it, even lip syncing to it, and sharing it as an Instagram story.

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The song reached a huge virality and gained around 22 million views. It got so popular to a point where people started comparing it to the famous Netflix show “YOU” and even extracting memes out of it. But that wasn’t all.

The social media split over Tameem Youness – Salmonella

Even though the song got an impressive reaction and a huge number of people just kept jamming to it, others were not so happy with it especially feminists. The song was thought to be anti-feminism and considered as an insult and degrading to women and their rights.

We learned by then that The National Counsel for Women spoke to Google to stop broadcasting Youness’s song because it sends a clear invitation to bully and assault women.

Tameem Youness later uploaded a video to clear up the situation and the message of the song that it is to mock this behavior and that he is against it.

Salmonella Trend Is Not Over

A while after releasing the music video and the rampage of the internet / feminists over the song and Youness; Ahmed Basyouni the social media influencer who’s known for covering songs in a sarcastic way imitating the singer, made a song called Cinderella which delivers a complete opposite message to the original one by Tameem.

The song was made as an apology to feminists since they were furious about Salmonella. It didn’t get much attention though! Not from feminists or even people, it didn’t go as viral as Salmonella and didn’t leave an impact.

Shigella as Anti-trend to Salmonella

If you thought Cinderella was the end of it, then you thought wrong! On the 3rd of February, a song was released called Shigella by Perrie El-Hariri. The song came targeting Salmonella with a little bit of insults towards Salmonella. The song came from the perspective of the girl Youness was talking about in his Salmonella and the words were criticizing the things that were mentioned by Tameem.

Youness shared the song on his Facebook profile captioned with “Nice Reply” but again, the song didn’t go that viral, and some people didn’t like it.


Don’t you think “Ellas” trend is already over? We wanted to wait a few days in case any other songs come out.

Share with us your opinion and tell us what you think. Did you like any of the previously mentioned songs? And was Salmonella even worth having songs as a reply?

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