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The art of creating viral videos and how to hit 1 million views

At the present time if you want to be famous and also getting paid for it, simply create a video! With the emerge of a lot of applications and social media platforms that can help you put out your work for the world to see, it became so easy for a person to gain fame with the simplest tools.

You don’t have to be a singer, an actor or with Einstein’s mind to be well known and loved. You can simply be someone who’s creative, can relate to people with their daily problems or emotions and just create a content to reach the mass. That will probably get you popularity but as simple as it sounds, it is still not that easy.

If you want to create a video that goes viral, there are some things you need to put into consideration, we will be listing below how and why a video can go viral.

Make it short, make it interesting

Whatever applies on the social media posts you read every day can be applied on the video content. Most of the people when they run into a long post, they ignore it because they don’t have the patience to read it, which applies on the video content, always make it short and straight to the point.

Find an interesting topic to talk about that can reach people and relate to them. You want your audience to go “Wow! This actually happens” So spice things up a little, search for what’s trending on social media and don’t save the best for the last; as it was mentioned, your video needs to be short and straight to the point so you might want to put everything right at the beginning of the video to grab people’s attention.

Add some positive emotions

People crave emotions all the time, they tend to love whatever touches their hearts. So, bringing up an emotional subject that can affect them will help you with the virality of the video. Put in mind that those emotions need to be positive, you don’t want to ruin someone’s day by talking about something tragic.

If you’re criticizing something, you may want to put it in a funny sarcastic way so you add up some humor to your content; it will definitely be a plus.

Be on time, use the trends

You need to be on the lookout for trends all the time!
Trending topics will you give you popularity, whether it’s an event, news or even a popular Netflix show. Take the famous Netflix show “YOU” for example, everyone is commenting on it and getting memes out of it which makes it an interesting topic to talk about.

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

Always get involved with your audience, ask them for recommended topics, what they want you to talk about it, read their comments, etc. Being engaged with audience create loyalty to your content because you get to show them that their opinions matter and that they’re heard.

Reasons Why Your Next Video Can Go Viral


In a TEDx Talk by Kevin Allocca who is the Trends Manager at Youtube, He discussed 3 main reasons why a video can go viral; one of those reasons is Tastemakers.

Tastemakers can be influencers or celebrities who have tons of followers. If your videos were shared by one of them then a virality is guaranteed. He gave an example of Jimmy Kimmel sharing a random video from Youtube back in 2010 about a guy called Yosemite Mountain Bear who is thrilled by seeing and video shooting a rainbow. The video was viewed over 35 million times.

Communities of Participation

Second reason for a video to go viral is Community of Participation which means having the audience to react and participate with your content. Allocca gave an example to this with the release of Rebecca Black’s song Friday which had almost 200 Million views and the famous Nyan Cat video which was viewed 83 million times. These two videos had people extracting memes from it and started creating content inspired by both examples.


Third reason according to Allocca is “Unexpectedness”. Sometimes making a spontaneous video with a spontaneous reaction can be a plus. The Trends Manager provided an example of Casey Neistat, a biker who made a protesting video for getting a fine worth 50$ for not committing to the bike lane in New York.

Neistat took his protest online through Youtube showing what it is like to ride in the bike lane which has parked car and a lot of obstructions which had him crashing and falling off his bike. The purpose of the video was to show that that there’s no ability to ride the bike peacefully and that fine was unfair. His video was seen over 5 million times.

Following these simple rules might lead you to having a viral video, it’s not 100% guaranteed to go viral but it’s a step towards the right way. You’re your own boss, you’re in control of what you want to talk about and what to publish on your preferred social media platforms. So, have you ever tried doing your own video? Share it with us and tell us what happened

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