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Rolling Up the Curtain on The New #Cairo Capital

In the first day of the long-awaited Egypt’s Economic Development Conference witnessed rolling up the curtain on the new #Cairo Capital. The master plan as published on the website is to create a global city with smart infrastructure for Egypt’s future, which will provide a multitude of economic opportunities and offer a distinct quality of life.

www.thecapitalcairo.comThe new Cairo provides a world-city atmosphere of historic significance and local inspiration. Inspiration for the future city will also be drawn from the best civic environments from across the globe.

The upper Nile gave birth to urban civilization in this ancient part of the world. Today it is one of the densest places on earth, and it is growing rapidly. Greater Cairo’s population is set to grow from 18 million people to 40 million people by 2050.


This new capital city will be a Smart City, and it will embrace an ethos of sustainability born from Egypt’s tradition. The new capital will take advantage of the sustainable technologies of today as well as be adaptable to future technologies, further enhancing its resource-efficiency.

This city will present many opportunities for the youth to explore new horizons. It will develop as a centre for international collaborations.

The Capital Cairo 2


The unique ecology of the site will be protected and organic waste recycled in order to grow. healthy, local food, resulting in the emergence of a park land. The new capital will make use of the sustainable technologies of today as well as be adaptable to future technologies while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

The new city’s infrastructure will be able to make, reuse and conserve water, thereby making it responsible and resilient to change.


The real miracle here is that all the govermental and administrative buildings are being moved here. Considering the fact that the public sector accounts for the grand majority of the workforce, it’ll help decrease congestion in Egypt.

The new capital announced to act as a bridge between Egypt’s rich past and its vibrant future.

the capital cairo

Part of this Smart City will include 91 kilometres squared of energy farms employing renewable energy sources. Moreover, 100 kilometres squared will be preserved parks and will include a park known as the ‘Capital Park’.


Egypt’s Economic Development Conference is set to be inaugurated at today in the Red Sea resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh with government officials, businessmen and more from 112 countries in attendance.

Confidence in Egypt has grown sharply in recent months, with the return of political stability, the implementation of fiscal reforms and the initiation of major projects in the country. More foreign companies are pledging to invest in Egypt, as the country begins to reap the benefits of economic reforms introduced over the past nine months under PresidentAbdel Fattah Al Sisi.

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