Why Rap and Mahraganat Are Dominating The Advertising Scene in Egypt

The advertisement world is so huge and full of details that if you are willing to create a copy for an advert you have to be studying the market, specify your target audience, and know how to reach them.

There are many things that you should put into consideration when creating an idea and writing a script for an advert. In the end, you want to create something that will remain in the audience’s minds and reach the targeted ones.

If you noticed today’s adverts, you would find a lot of things in common, one of them is the commercial’s jingles which is the popular Rap and Mahraganat music.

Almost every commercial comes out includes a Rap song or a ‘Mahragan’ one; both music genres kind of dominating the advertising scene in Egypt.

Mahraganat in Adverts

Ever since ‘Mahraganat’ became so popular, it has been used so many times in commercials or in promoting a product in general.

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Most of the big brands in Egypt have at least a couple of adverts with this type of genre; if we would go back a little in time, we would remember how Vodafone collaborated with Oka and Ortega in promoting new bundles and created a song that went viral and people played it so many times.

Every time a Mahragan singer becomes so popular and goes viral, a brand has to collaborate with him to promote its new campaign, if you are asking why then you will find out the reason soon.


The Uprise of Rap Music

Today, the term rap is so closely associated with hip-hop music. The Rap wave invaded Egypt with the emerging Khaled’s signature song, the 1993 hit “Didi” which became extremely popular in Egypt and also in several other continents, including Europe.

Today, a new generation of rappers have taken over and hip-hop (just like the rest of the world) has now become one of the Egypt’s most streamed genres, with a slew of artists emerging on the scene every year.

Even though Rap is an old genre but it became so popular in Egypt a few years ago when Ahmed Mekki started releasing rap songs and this is when it became a favorite genre to some people.

With time, rap became so popular than any other genre in Egypt that it can be considered the favorite genre of the Egyptian youth.

With the huge emergence of rap in Egypt and with so many rappers becoming more popular than ever, brands once again used the genre’s popularity in creating adverts.

From Pepsi to We Telecom, both have created adverts using Rap music. The most famous one is Pepsi and Chipsy collaborating with Abyusif and Marwan Pablo for their promotional campaign during the African Cup. The song went viral at that time.


Why Rap and Mahraganat?

These two music genres are dominating the music industry these days; wherever you will go, you will find them being played.

For this particular reason, brands and copywriters started using them in their promotional campaigns. If you have a product to promote and your target audience is youth, then these two genres will serve you well in creating an advert that will stay in people’s minds.

So you will be achieving two major things, reaching your target audience and making them remember your copy. This is why these two genres are so common in advertising these days.

So, studying the market and the preference of your target audience will enable you to create one fine copy. In the end, if you own a brand, which genre you will choose in promoting your product that will serve it well.

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