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Orange unleashes the Dragon! (bytes) and wins fastest mobile network award

Orange has stepped out of its Mahraganat trend, but now moves towards a more rap-based storytelling for its newest tariff, Orange Dragon.

The telecommunications company was very busy this Sunday, with a press release and a brand-new tariff launch. Their newest tariff, Dragon, also introduces a new internet unit of measurement, dubbed the “Dragonbyte.”

Their very artsy, and Avant Garde, music/launch video is filled to the brim with fun-loving influencers and comedic lyrics.


The ad includes Hesham Afifi, Amr Wahba, Marwan Younis, Mohamed Elboraiy, and Hesham Mansour.

The ad follows Orange’s campaign, which included a Facebook page that included behind the scene footage and teaser material.

By IMPACT BBDO Cairo, this quirky semi-monochromatic ad is filled with fun colors, humor and Easter eggs. Can you find them all?


Dragon’s Easter Eggs

1- Hesham Afifi’s portion of the video, in which he attacks a giant teddy bear and plays with a toy like a guitar, is a reference to this video from Orange’s YouTube. (It’s a good song actually.)


2- During Amr Wahba’s portion of the video, you can find him in a supermarket, surrounded by cereal boxes that people attack and try to stuff their faces with. What many don’t notice is the box itself.

The cereal is actually named “Smile Alone,” no wonder they are chugging it down! And sports the ever-popular “B. Please” meme. If you pause in the right spot, you can see that the cereal’s slogan or tagline is “Good source of LOLs.”


3- Hesham Mansour’s fashion show may actually be in reference to Kanye West’s clothing line, Yeezy, which was mocked for having giant holes in its designs. The gag continues with Mansour’s this extended video.


You can also find Hesham Afifi, who is famous for critiquing marketing campaigns and adverts, talking about marketing and product placement.

It becomes a meta (self-referential) video, where he sneakily says the Dragon Tariff’s slogan before it was launched, silently making fun of the campaign’s usage of influencers, such as himself, and content marketing techniques.



Orange awarded as Egypt’s top mobile internet provider

On Sunday, at a press conference near the Nile, Orange announced its newest award.

The world’s most popular Global Broadband Internet Speed Test, SpeedTest by Ookla, does an annual check of various countries to check which mobile data provider is supplying its customers with the fastest speed.

2017 was the first time they calculated Egypt’s speed for their annual Speed Awards.

Orange was officially awarded Egypt’s fastest mobile network, in terms of speed, with a speed score of 15.97, with Etisalat placing second with 14.48.


According to Speed Test, the speed score “is calculated using download speed value and upload speed value. Each value is determined using a modified trimean.”

During last year’s internet report for Egypt, Etisalat was named as the fasted mobile network, but perhaps it was Orange’s late 2017 release of 4G that helped it jump to first place.

You can learn more about Dragonbytes here.

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