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Persil Collaborates with Egyptian Cure Bank Supporting The White Army

It is the first time the whole world goes through a crisis at the same time. Facing the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the whole world and showed how people can come together to show solidarity.

People around the globe have been showing appreciation to doctors as they are putting their lives at risk so they can save as many lives as they can.

In Egypt, doctors and nurses have been working day and night to rescue patients who are suffering from COVID-19, therefore, Persil collaborated with Egyptian Cure Bank and created a campaign as an initiative to thank all the doctors, nurses, paramedics and pharmacists and to show them appreciation.


Persil Appreciating The White Army

Persil and Egyptian Cure Bank released a new campaign in an appreciation to those who risk their lives in hospitals for us, under the name and the hashtag of بيحمونا_ادعموهم# or “They Protect US, Support them”.

Persil to send doctors’ families free essential home cleaning products and to supply hospitals with cleaning products to help them fight the Coronavirus Pandemic.

A social media post was published on Persil’s official Facebook page asking the audience to write a thank you message to all doctors using the hashtag بيحمونا_ادعموهم# and the Egyptian Cure Bank will deliver all messages to them.

Persil also celebrated a doctor’s birthday named Mahmoud Ragab who stated that he is celebrating his birthday in the hospital during a 120 hours shift. Many people left him comments wishing him a happy birthday and they were delivered to him.

The campaign included creating a crowd sourced stories under the hashtag [حكايات_البالطو_الأبيض#] to influence people to share more stories of our white army and shed more light on the real heroes in the fight against coronavirus.



Cairo Tower Supporting Doctors

Persil is trying to show appreciation to the White Army in every possible way. Last Thursday, Persil’s logo and the hashtag بيحمونا_ادعموهم# appeared on Cairo Tower to urge all Egyptians to support and encourage every doctor, nurse, and paramedic who put their lives in danger every day for our sake.


Hany Adel Collaborates With Persil

Another way to show appreciation and respect; Persil collaborated with the famous singer Hany Adel and produced a song to show gratitude and to thank the White Army’s effort. The song reached 2 million views in 48 hours from its release.

We send our love and respect to our doctors who are trying their best to save lives risking theirs and we wish them safety.

It’s your turn to send tributes to our caregivers by sharing your story about a heroic doctor you know >>>

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