Pepsi and Amr Diab: More Than 20 Years Campaign: Is It Innovative Or An Epic Fail?

We are used to witnessing Pepsi launching the most creative campaigns and we always look forward to them. We even get more excited when these campaigns feature the famous icon Amr Diab.

Over the past years, Diab and Pepsi have collaborated and launched many creative campaigns that never failed to impress us, but this time things were different. A few days ago, Pepsi released an advert featuring Amr Diab that went viral, but unfortunately not because it impressed people.

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Let’s dig more into the latest campaign along with previous collaborations between Amr Diab and Pepsi.


More Than 20 Years

Pepsi has collaborated with Amr Diab releasing a campaign under the name of “Pepsi and Amr Diab: More Than 20 Years to promote his album. The advert took the viewers back in time to remind them of some of Diab’s iconic videos.

We have to admit that the idea of the campaign and advert is creative as it depended on the nostalgia factor. People always tend to be emotional when you remind them of their childhood or when they feel nostalgic, and nothing reminds us of the good old days as much as Amr Diab’s songs.

This is what the advert did, it reminded us of all the videos and songs we fell in love with.

If the idea is creative, then why people criticized it? This is what we will tell you below.


Why The Advert Was Under Attack

Even though the idea is really creative, but people attacked the advert and even made fun of it.

The reason behind this attack is the implementation of the advert. When we first watched it, we could easily notice the CGI used in putting Diab’s face on someone else’s.

And this what annoyed everyone!

Some people stated that it looks creepy, while others said that it’s funny.

It was released after a couple of days that they did not use CGI and this was a model named Hossam Mostafa that looks exactly like Amr Diab. Let’s admit that the model does look like him, but no CGI? Come on!


Mixed Opinions on Twitter

Twitter users had mixed opinions about the advert, with some tweets claiming that Amr Diab’s advert is weird.

Deepfake and FaceApp Impact On Advertising Industry

A while ago people kept talking about an application that puts their faces on any celebrity they want and in one second, the app went viral. A while back, there was a video that went viral of the actor Bill Hader imitating the famous Tom Cruise.

Some people actually believed that Bill Hader can make himself look like Tom Cruise but later on it was revealed that this was done by CGI or “Deepfake”.

We believe that the idea of the video was based on these 2 trends as they used the similarity between Amr Diab and the model and manipulated the face features by CGI.


Let’s Not Get Harsh On The Campaign

We know many people weren’t fans of the newly released advert, so let’s remember some of the campaigns Pepsi had launched in collaboration with Amr Diab.

Pepsi and Amr Diab have been always side to side and both of them together have released brilliant adverts that we all loved. These adverts included a copy from the “We Will Rock You” campaign that featured the great band Queen, the iconic Beyonce, Brtiney Spears, Pink, and Enrique Iglesias. The copy that was released in Egypt replaced Iglesias with Diab.


Also, there was another one released in Egypt that featured Diab with JLO, Beyonce, and the one and only David Beckham.


These are not the only ones; let’s remember some of the old collaborations that were released over 10 years ago.


Share with us your opinion about this new advert, did you like it? And do you think it was just the model or they used CGI?

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