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Amr Diab Ends 2020 With Brilliant Twitter Challenge [Case Study]

Do you know what we love the most? A successful promotional campaign that goes extremely viral. We are used to seeing brands doing creative campaigns to raise awareness or to promote a new product; but in this case, we won’t be discussing a brand’s campaign, we will discuss an artist’s campaign.

This artist is probably one of your favorites, it’s the legendary Amr Diab. A few days ago, we noticed many artists causing a huge buzz on social media because Amr Diab threw a challenge.

Let’s dig deeper to know all the details about this challenge.


Throwback: What Exactly Happened?

Almost a week ago, the icon Amr Diab has posted on his Twitter a demo of his new song “Mahsoud” and invited people to do their own cover.

Not just his fans that accepted this challenge but also many great singers.


The Idea: Breaking The Traditional Way of Promoting an Album

Diab never really causes a huge buzz on social media when on the other hand other artists are always active and connecting with the fans.

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We could see many covers by singers like Ahmed Fahmy, Mostafa Hagag, Mohamed Mohsen, Ramy Sabry, Carmen Suleiman, and many more. And it wasn’t just Egyptian artists, many artists from the whole Arab countries, took part in this challenge.

Going Viral: How People Responded to The Challenge

The song actually topped Twitter trends in Egypt and the Arab region and we will tell you why.

Although we are sure that the new album was going to cause a huge buzz just be being released, this challenge made people more excited.

Diab retweeted most of these videos and thanked his fellow artists for participating. Until today, videos keep on coming and most of these retweets got over 3k likes. Also, the demo’s video has 1.2M views on Twitter.

On Instagram, we could see Amr Diab reposting stories that include covers by the same artists and his fans.

Impact: One of The Most Viral Challenges in 2020

It was one of a kind response because usually fans are the ones to respond to challenges. No one expected to see this amount of artists from all over the Arab world to participate. Since this challenge spread really fast and had everyone talking about it, the snowball effect also was noticed on Instagram.

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Timing: Why Throwing This Challenge Now?

We are used to waiting for Amr Diab’s new albums in the summer, but this time the release date was late. Also, there are some news and rumors surrounding him and the actress Dina El-Sherbini that could slightly affect the album release.

This challenge gave the album more publicity and is a great sneak peek to get people more excited.  

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