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Orascom Development Holding And GFF Deserves an Oscar for Crisis Management

One of the most important factors in leading a successful business is how you can handle a crisis. Many businesses fail due to not being able to manage a crisis and letting it affect the whole entity. Only smart business owners know how to manage a crisis and get out of it with no losses or at least with few ones.

Yesterday we witnessed one of the most brilliant crisis management when the news was spreading about the location of the El-Gouna Film Festival going up in flames.

In a matter of few hours, everything was under complete control, and today as if nothing happened.

Here’s why Orascom Development Holding can be set as an example of perfect crisis management.


How It All Began

Yesterday news and videos circled all the social media platforms about a fire in El-Gouna Film Festival Location, specifically in one section of the Festival Plaza.

Many rumors spread about the festival being postponed but within a couple of hours, many statements were released that there are no intentions of postponing and that the fire was put out and everything is under control and they are reconstructing the section of the festival plaza.


The Fast Response

Once the fire started, the company started to immediately respond.

The company’s speed to respond was accurate and helped to manage the crisis in a perfect way since everyone started to immediately come up with solutions. In no time, the fire was put out, and everyone started to work right away to reconstruct the whole section again.


Adapting To The Situation And Searching For A Solution

There was no time to cry, it was time to take an action and act upon it.

With a huge crisis like this and at this time, some companies and business owners might go into shock and take some time to figure out the next step! This didn’t happen with Orascom and the founders of GFF.

It was obvious how everyone adapted to the situation very quickly and started to manage the crisis. Within few hours, workers were already reconstructing the whole section and it was almost finished.

The immediate response and action impressed everyone and it became the talk of all social media platforms of how the festival was saved so it can start at its original time.


Delivering Accurate News

Honesty is one of the factors of solving any crisis.

During the crisis and after managing it, the Chairman of Orascom Development Holding, Eng Samih Sawiris has made multiple statements that everything is under control and going as planned and that the GFF will be held at its original time.

Everyone was working from the owner to the reconstructing workers to deliver the results as soon as possible and it was all over the social media platforms as proof that the crisis was managed and it was overcome.



The Final Result

Today it was announced that everything is good as new. In just 24 hours everything was back to normal as if nothing ever happened. Today it was announced that the burned section was completely reconstructed and looks brand new.

The businessman, Naguib Sawiris tweeted “Where’s the fire?” showing the reconstructed section.


We think that this can be set as an example and a lesson for companies and business owners to learn from how to manage any crisis so the business remains stable.

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