Orange Collaborates With Molto And Coca-Cola To Pamper Its Customers During Summer

We have been keeping up with brands and their summer campaigns and we couldn’t help but notice one certain telecom company that has been ahead of the summer campaign race.

Orange so far has collaborated with two major brands and launched two creative campaigns. Both campaigns went viral, achieved huge success, and reached a wide variety of viewers. So, let’s go through these two campaigns and see how the brand is dominating the summer campaigns these days and how it only cares about its customers.


Orange Is Pampering Its Customers This Summer

Orange has put its customers first as always and decided to shower them with splashy offers.

The telecom company has collaborated this summer with Coca-Cola and Molto and launched two of the best creative campaigns. As we mentioned earlier, both campaigns have achieved huge success and grabbed many people’s attention.

The main goal of the campaigns is to pamper Orange’s users and give them many offers to enjoy this summer. Since we all know that summer means vacation, Orange is providing its users with free minutes and internet whenever they buy a Coke or Molto.


Orange And Coca-Cola

On the 25th of June, Orange and Coca-Cola released their advert.

The two brands collaborated and launched a creative campaign with a cheerful advert under the name “Open Your Heart To Those You Care About”. Both brands collaborated with the famous icon Tamer Hosny and released a jingle-based advert that gained millions of views.

The advert and the song are very cheerful and depending on the beach as the theme of the advert is a major factor in grabbing the audience’s attention. You can actually feel the summer and beach vibes when you watch it.

Also, we can notice that there was a huge effort made into implementing the idea of the advert.


Orange And Molto

Orange has collaborated with Molto and launched a campaign and we have to say that this is one of the best collaborations.

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Almost 3 weeks ago, Orange and Molto launched a brilliant campaign. Both brands collaborated with two famous actors, the one and only Maged Al-Kedwany and Akram Hosny, and released a very creative advert.

Again the goal of this campaign is to provide orange’s users with many offers including free minutes and internet to whoever buys Molto as well as molto packs to those who recharge orange scratch cards

Also, the implementation of the advert was done brilliantly and the advert’s cast was chosen accurately.


How Orange Reached All Types of Audience

Each of these brands has a different target audience, and Orange reached them all.

Aside from reaching Orange’s target audience themselves, it reached Coca-Cola’s and Molto’s too! You can tell Orange did so through choosing the advert’s jingle; both adverts were jingle-based, but both are completely different.

In Orange and Coca-Cola’s advert, you can realize that the jingle is emotional and encourages people to open their hearts and communicate with their loved ones, while Molto’s advert was different where it depended on recreating a famous ‘Mahragan’; so, it reached a completely different audience than Coca-Cola’s.

Orange managed to create two fun jingle-based adverts but in two different ways.


Success Is In Numbers

The two adverts were extremely successful and both actually have millions of views.

Facebook Video Views
Likes, some fans reactions!
Comments, and what they had to say!

Orange and Coca-Cola’s advert has over 17.9 M views on Facebook and over 12.2 M total views on YouTube. As for Molto and Orange’s advert, it has over 15 million views on Facebook, 30K reacts, 6.6K comments, and 1.7K shares, while on YouTube, it has over 2M total views.

 We have to say that Orange is full of energy this summer and surprised us with these two campaigns.

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