25 years of Molto: The Brand That Knows How To Make Creative Adverts

Another newly released advert grabbed our attention and we can frankly say that we absolutely love it, and not just us, but almost everyone who watched it.

This new advert belongs to Molto; Molto has been one of the brands that releases an advert every once in a while but it’s always worth the wait. The brand’s new advert/campaign is highly creative and has many factors that drive it towards virality and success.

Let’s dig deeper and see why this advert is such a success and how Molto always keeps on surprising us with its adverts.


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Celebrating 25 Years of Molto

In celebration of 25 years of Molto, 5 days ago, the brand released an advert with a new collaboration.

Last two adverts the brand collaborated with the actors Maged Al-Kedwani, Ahmed Malek, and Mohamed Henedy, and the actress/singer Ruby. Both of the adverts achieved huge success and were the talk of everyone on social media.

The adverts also continued to spread but as material for memes.

This time Molto has collaborated again with the actor Maged Al-Kedwani and the actor Akram Hosny. The advert is celebrating the 25 years of Molto and presenting a collaboration with the telecom company Orange. Both brands collaborated to give Orange’s users free minutes and internet every time they buy Molto.


Why The Advert Is An Attention Grabber

Aside from having Maged Al-Kedwani and Akram Honsy, other factors made the advert succeed.

First of all, the advert recreated a viral ‘Mahragan’ and had Al-Kedwani and Hosny sing it. Second, the idea of mirroring used in the advert is very creative and done brilliantly; at first, you would think that Al-Kedwani or Hosny is standing in front of a mirror when they are in fact standing in front of each other.

Also, the twins that were cast in the advert are perfectly chosen and the way every move was synchronized is flawless.

We can say that these elements are the main factors why this advert grabbed people’s attention.


Attracting Millions of Views

This became normal for Molto to gain millions of views in a matter of days.

On YouTube, the brand has over one million views while on Facebook, it has over 5 million views, 3K likes, 1.6K comments, and 1.4K shares. Most of the comments on the advert are positive and expressing how they loved it and how creative it is.

We also have to praise those who moderate the page, as their responses are highly creative and engaging.


How Molto Is Always On The Right Track

We can’t help but notice that Molto’s adverts are very successful.

It is very obvious that Molto knows its target audience really well and this is shown in how the brand always releases adverts that attract millions of views. It always uses trending songs or “Maharaganat” and trending actors or actors that we all love.

Understanding the audience is the main key to successful campaigns. Also, we have to praise the team behind the creative ideas.

Share with us your opinion and tell us which one of the 3 adverts of Molto you liked the most.

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