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Nielsen: TV is King And Mobile is The Prince

Egyptians opt for ‘InterConnectivity’ when it comes viewing content

64% browse the Internet while watching video programming

Cairo, Egypt (April 1, 2015) – Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights, recently released the results from the Global Digital Landscape Survey, revealing a new reality of viewership preferences in Egypt.

The constant factor in viewership preferences is that the majority (74%) of Egyptians respondents claim that the biggest screen is the best screen for watching video programming. However, viewers do not focus on the screen alone as 64% of the respondents admitted to browsing the Internet while watching TV, exceeding  the global average of 58%. Most of the online engagement takes place on social media (59%).

In fact, one of the key motivations behind keeping up with shows is so that they can join the online conversation about them. Around 63% of the survey respondents use social media to talk about the video programming on show.

“It is crucial for marketing professionals to adopt the concept of ‘InterConnectivity’ when it comes to planning. One screen is no longer enough to engage and inspire,” noted Maria Zaki, Senior Research Analyst, Client Consulting. “Other than multi-platform engagement, advertisers must keep in mind how easy it is to switch channels as soon as commercials breaks are on. In fact 73% of the Egyptian survey respondents confirmed that they do just that.”


Real-time conversations on social media are replacing physical gatherings to talk about favorite TV shows. Live TV has become a social event that goes way beyond the confines of our living rooms. More than half of the global respondents (53%) said they like to keep up with shows so they can join the conversation on social media, and nearly half (49%) say they watch live video programming more if it has a social media tie in. Forty-seven percent of global respondents say they engage with social media while watching video programming. And more than half of global respondents (58%) say they browse the Internet while watching video programming.

Asia-Pacific and Africa/Middle East respondents are particularly engaged in social media while viewing, exceeding the global average for attitudes related to social media use. For example, 65% of Asia-Pacific and 57% of African/Middle Eastern respondents watch live programming if it has a social media content (compared with 49% globally). In addition, more than six-in-10 respondents in Asia-Pacific (64%) and Africa/Middle East (62%) say they like to keep up with shows so they can join the conversation on social media.

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