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NBK Egypt: The funniest bank campaign you might have missed in Ramadan 2019

Who knew that going into banks and checking our financial options could lead to a type of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

We do, as most of the banks are notorious for wasting time, energy and patience due to the nature of the information financial institutions have access and the security measures must work with.

This is why the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) decided to laughs at traditional banking ptsd with ramadan campaign.

In a country where, according to AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce) Egypt, an estimated 90% continue to take salaries in cash without using any banks in between because of traditional banking fears and experiences.

Most of the banks could be a nightmare for most except for the lucky few who have VIP access and generally very lucky people. Long lines, longer waiting times and generally unsympathetic staff are all key elements of the everyday banking experience in Cairo, alongside the dreaded “system down.”

NBK’s Ramadan 2019 ad shares what happens when banks don’t step up and how they will help you get over your bad experiences.


Delightful Banking Humor for Ramadan Campaign

Who doesn’t love it when a brand makes fun of itself or its industry?

The time for brands to simply sell us their products and services is over, and the current and future generations of bank account holders are looking for brands that are relatable and align to what they want in life.

Consumers are mature enough and currently looking for brands that will actually listen to their concerns, whether it’s online or offline, and are willing to improve to keep them happy.

NBK comes out this Ramadan with a campaign that introduces its more laidback nature once more, making fun of “Bank PTSD.”


While real PSTD is no laughing matter, NBK’s takes our “traumatic” experiences with the average bank is and shows us that there are banks out there that care and want to help.


By Number: Funniest Banking campaign in Ramadan 2019

Brands have been interested in word of mouth long before they ever asked agencies to create something viral.

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Humor works well and generated exceptional engagement for brands on social media. According to the insights gathered by ramadanatics.com, NBK got the highest laughter interaction (hahaha) on Facebook which is considered an expression of positive emotional states and joy.

Social Media Reaction:

Social media mentions on Twitter have been 100% positive plus the Advert has been used for memes which might have crossed your feed in the past few days.


Relatable, Laughable, Accessible

Alongside their Ramadan campaign, NBK’s website mirrors the ads’ message, and searching for the right account or loan for you includes a quick 3 question quiz to make it easy to see which one fit you best. They’re making the experience as easy as possible, starting from the questioning and searching phase.

From their very first campaigns in Egypt, the bank has been engaging people by removing and improving certain parts of the banking experience and this year’s Ramadan campaign continues on that trend.

Are they shaping a new and more relatable banking experience? Let us know in the comments.

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