Mountain View and Mo Salah: A Global Movement That Urges People To Live Bubble-free

Most of the brands right now are on a hiatus from their previous campaigns and the huge competition they had last month except for one certain brand that has just surprised us with another creative advert.

Mountain View, the prominent real estate brand has released a very creative advertisement that tackles a vital topic that we all relate to. Mountain View released this advert only after almost a month of releasing its successful Ramadan campaign. For a brand to release two successful campaigns right after each other proves that the team behind this brand has a high level of creativity and always studying the audience.

Let’s get into business and discuss the brand new advert.


Inspiring Advert with an Insightful Concept

Mountain View hits in less than a month and release a new campaign titled “Happiness Is A Choice, Choose To Be Bubble Free”.

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On the 25th of May, Mountain View released its brand new campaign with the tagline “Happiness Is A Choice, Choose To Be Bubble Free”. The real estate brand collaborated with the legendary Egyptian King Mohamed Salah and presented us with an advert that has a creative idea.

The advert has an artistic vision and its idea is an attention grabber as whoever will watch it will instantly relate to it. So, it is guaranteed that the copy will reach more than just Mountain View’s target audience.


Thinking Out Side The Bubble

The most common problem we all discuss is how we all isolate ourselves with our phones, especially kids and this is what MV is discussing in its new advert.

It is clear that the advert’s idea is based on insights since it is relatable to everyone. The real estate brand hammers on the idea that all people are living in a bubble and disconnecting themselves from the whole world.

Mountain View collaborated with Mohamed Salah to raise awareness around this matter, that we should live our life outside our bubbles. Instead of being on the phone 24/7, we should start doing activities and communicating with our friends and family.


Mountain View Creates A Global Movement

Mountain View and Mo Salah urge people to live in a bubble-free world.

The campaign is not just an advert; it is deeper and goes beyond just an advert. MV wanted to create a global movement through this game-changing approach. This campaign and movement’s goal is to burst this bubble and make people realize how they’re living in isolation.

Mountain View wants to spread meaningful happiness and create better and livelier communities.


The Secret of Choosing The Egyptian King

The real estate brand and Mo Salah share the same values of meaningful happiness and both stand for family values. As we always see Salah work hard and push himself to always be the better version of himself, Mountain View also does the same as it always surprises us with creative adverts that discuss real-life issues.

Also, Mo Salah is a great example of living outside a bubble as he always shows how he can balance his social life, work, and family.


Massive Views In Less Than 48 Hours

The advert reached over 1.4M views on Facebook , and we expect to reach even more millions of views in a matter of days.


Mountain View deserves praise for this amazing idea and how it always tries to create better communities and raise awareness.

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