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Emotional Marketing Done Right: Mountain View Captured The Perfect Timing for Non-traditional Ramadan Campaign

As we are reaching the end of Ramadan, we could say that we have seen almost all of the adverts and we thought that there will be no more Ramadan campaigns, but we were proven wrong.

A prominent real estate brand took us by surprise and released its Ramadan campaign; you don’t have to think long, it is Mountain View. In fact, during this month we couldn’t help but wonder “Where’s Mountain View’s advert?” until we got our answer a few days ago and it was the best answer.

Mountain View keeps asserting that it can win people’s hearts and be at the top of the Ramadan race even if it didn’t participate from the beginning.

The brand released a very creative and emotional advert and it is completely different from any other Ramadan campaign we have seen, which makes it stand out.


Mountain View: The Best View

Mountain View came up with untraditional advert to be the best campaign you could ever see.

On the 22nd of April, Mountain View released its Ramadan advert under the name of “The Best View” leaving everyone emotional and in tears. The brand depended on the concept of reunion and has reunited family members that have not seen each other for years.

Mountain View invited some families and informed them they will have a virtual iftar with their members who live abroad, but since virtuality is nothing compared to real physical meetups, MV decided to bring those family members to reunite with their families again.

As simple as the idea might seem, it is highly creative; Ramadan is always about gathering and reuniting with families and this is what MV presented. The brand captured the true Ramadan spirit and knew exactly how to represent it by reuniting family members.

The advert will trigger your emotions, as you will be seeing the true reaction and feelings of families longing for each other and finally reuniting.


Mountain View and Its Residence: A Relationship Beyond Just Delivering Units

What Mountain View had done to its clients is remarkable and shows how the brand cares about its residents.

Doing this extraordinary effort in bringing families together again shows what kind of relationship Mountain View has with its residents.

The brand has a strong relationship with its residents as it knows all of their details and everything concerning them. Mountain View was able to be emotionally connected with its community and vice versa as the people are emotionally connected with the brand.

Also, Mountain View helped spread happiness to the families whose members couldn’t make it to the meetups; over 200 families all over the world sent gifts, cards, or texted happy Ramadan in an emotional way to their families.


A Normal TV Advert Can Easily Win The Season

MV wanted to stay true this season and commit to its promise of always providing happiness and it did that through a simple yet impressive advert.

Most Ramadan adverts shared 2 common factors, which are jingle-based and celebrity-based. So, with no jingle and no celebrities, Mountain View knew how to grab people’s attention and steal their hearts.

Mountain View went in a totally different direction; the brand depended on real-life situations and used true events to create its campaign, which helped the brand to reach more than just its target audience. People love adverts that are emotional and based on true events and this is what Mountain View delivered.

So, Instead of spending money on adverts and celebrities collaborations, MV created a genuine campaign and made lots of families extremely happy; it has made a real change.


Insights Can Make A Brand Stand Out

Insights can be a true inspiration for every creative and impressive idea.

The brand asked a simple question to its audience, which is “What is your best view?, the result was amazing as almost all people stated that their best view is their families, which immediately inspired the Mountain View team.

Also, MV has insights into its residents, it is in deep contact with its residents to an extent that it knows they have family members who live abroad. These insights helped MV create this impressive campaign and helped it know the value of family reunion and the happiness it causes.


A Very Positive Feedback

The advert received very positive feedback as it went extremely viral once it was released.

So far, the advert has almost 2 million views and many people shared it on their Facebook accounts and Instagram accounts stating that this is the best campaign this Ramadan; in fact, it has over 157k reactions, 44k shares and over 5K comments on Facebook and various other platforms.

Mountain View for the second year in a row shows that it does know the secret of happiness.

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