Most anticipated campaigns for Ramadan 2021

We’re almost a week away from the holy month of Ramadan and we couldn’t be more excited. Ramadan is known to be the season of new campaigns and adverts. Last year’s Ramadan was one of a kind due to the spread of the Coronavirus and most of the campaigns depended on one idea, which is quarantine.

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This is why we’re wondering what brands have prepared for us this Ramadan and if they will follow the same idea of having a pandemic or they will subject it to the coping methods we all followed.


Brands’ Campaigns We Can’t Wait For

Every year, there are certain brands that surprise and impress us with their advert, and this year, we can’t wait to see what they have in their pockets.

We will list the brands we can’t wait to see their adverts, and also, since Ramadan 2020 had adverts that raised controversy, we will be waiting to see what these brands will do this time.


Banque Misr

So far, Banque Misr is known to release jingles that live in people’s heads rent-free; so we can’t help but wonder if it’s preparing for another song this year.

Over the years we have noticed that the bank’s advert are always positive and encourages people to follow their dreams.

Last year’s advert featured the famous singers Bahaa Sultan and Mahmoud El Essili; it seems that Essili is the consistent factor on all the bank’s adverts since this was his third collaboration with the brand; so, will he collaborate again this year?


Coca Cola Vs Pepsi

Last year, these two brands surprised us with direct and straightforward adverts.

Pepsi and Chipsy had launched a less than a minute advert stating that they collaborated with the Egyptian Food Bank to support families and daily labor due to what the pandemic had caused.


Coca-Cola, on the other hand, released a minimal advert showing its support people and raise awareness.


So, we’re wondering if both brands will launch major campaigns as they used to.


Telecom Ramadan Companies


In Ramadan 2020, Orange impressed everyone with its new advert, which was based on the idea of meeting loved ones virtually.

The advert went so viral and everyone loved its idea and jingle as the whole advert was so emotional. Also, the song was by the famous singer Hussein Al-Jasmi.

Worth mentioning that Ramadan 2021 campaign for Orange will be led by Tarek Nour Communications. Let’s wait and see if this year’s advert will be emotional as previous years or it will get a creative twist!


We Telecom

We Telecom was also one of the brands that depended on the idea of what people do in quarantine.

We have seen the brand’s adverts featuring the actor Mohamed Khater and after it, a new advert featuring a song by the famous Tamer Hosny was released.

The company planned a whole and complete campaign that achieved big numbers.



In fact, We Telecom has launched a teaser campaign featuring the funny actress Amy Samir Ghanem. The advert ended with the great icon Samir Ghanim’s voice telling people to wait for the rest of the campaign in Ramadan.

So, now we have a hint of who the brand is collaborating with this Ramadan and we’re beyond excited.


Etisalat Misr

Another telecommunication company that depended on quarantine activities but the advert featured the great actor Ahmed Helmy.

The advert was fun and as we mentioned it depended on the most trending topic at this time, just like all the other adverts.


Vodafone Egypt

We bet you all remember this advert since it featured Mo Salah and his daughter Makka along with many celebrities. The advert’s idea was also about virtual communication due to COVID-19.

This advert was one of the most successful adverts and most people fell in love with it. It also had millions of views on both YouTube and Facebook.

We can’t wait to see what Vodafone has prepared for Ramadan 2021.



Cottonil is one of the brands that releases adverts that sometimes gain people’s admiration, but last year, luck wasn’t on their side.

Since last year’s advert provoked the viewers and received a huge backlash, we’re wondering if Cottonil had learned the lesson.

So, we’re eager to know what we will be seeing this year.


Talaat Mostafa Group

No one will ever forget this advert as its memes are still being used to this very day.

Every Ramadan there’s always an advert for Madinaty; last year’s idea wasn’t the right one as it triggered people’s anger. So, we hope Talaat Mostafa Group has also learned the lesson and prepared something creative for this Ramadan.


Tell us which brand you’re excited to see its adverts in Ramadan.

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