A New Facebook Research Tracks Egyptian Consumers’ Behavior In Ramadan

We’re less than a month away from the holy month of Ramadan so most of the brands are getting ready to serve their customers properly. Since last Ramadan was during the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, the consumers’ behavior completely shifted to go in parallel with the new situations and precautions. This shift also affected the way people did their shopping as it made them seek new discoveries.

Due to this major shift, this year Facebook’s IQ, Facebook’s insights, and research division has partnered with the global public opinion and data company YouGov, to unveil the results of a study that was made during last Ramadan to observe people’s behavior.

This study had 17,000 participants from 11 countries including Egypt and around 15,000 interviews to get detailed results on people’s behavior during Ramadan 2020.

Based on these insights, Facebook has published 6 tips for Egyptian brands and businesses to follow during Ramadan 2021 to properly serve the new customer’s behavior and deliver meaningful marketing during Ramadan.

1- Discover new ways to support businesses

Brands must have a role in the community, especially that Ramadan is the month of giving.

Since Ramadan is the month of giving, 73% of people agree that brands should be giving back during this month same as people. People have expressed that they want brands to play a role in the community by raising awareness and stand by causes.

The research shows that 57% of survey respondents in Egypt become more interested in brands after knowing about their business practice.

This why brands must raise awareness in the community during the pandemic and Ramadan.



2- Discover Mobile Audiences

People’s use of technology especially their phones increases in Ramadan and with COVID-19 spreading last year, the increase was noticeable.

Due to the pandemic. People have started to spend more time on their phones, either to shop or for entertainment. The research shows that 41% of respondents in Egypt spend more time on their phones during Ramadan, which means, more people are now using their phones for research, shopping, and discovery compared to visiting the stores.

Therefore, brands must benefit from this increase to reach the right audience.



3- Look For Partnerships

Brands have to look for partners to attract more customers.

According to the research, less than half of the percentage who took the survey in Egypt showed that public figures and celebrities affect people’s purchasing decisions. Consumers look for deals and self-improvement from public figures especially when it comes to purchasing and discovering new products.

Therefore, brands must collaborate with celebrities to reach new customers.



4- Discover New Demands

The customers’ demands have shifted since last Ramadan; so, brands have to be aware of the new demands.

People have turned to online shopping more than physically visiting the store. According to the research, 42% of survey respondents in Egypt spent more time shopping online in Ramadan and Eid during COVID-19. Also, Egyptian shoppers 3x more likely to feel safe when shopping online.

This is why, this year, brands must put into consideration their audience’s needs and concerns when shopping online



5- Look For New Opportunities

Some brands believe people have completed their shopping before Ramadan; this is a wrong belief.

Due to this belief, some brands switch off spending during the month, which is a wrong decision. Customers continue shopping during Ramada as they always prepare meals, their homes, and gifts. In fact, research shows that last year 17% of the respondents in Egypt had completed their shopping when Ramadan started while 19% started planning a month before.

Research also states that the time before Ramadan and Eid is the biggest chance for shopping. Therefore, brands must stay relevant and plan ahead to get ready for Ramadan.



6- Seek Bargain Hunters

COVID-19 has made shoppers sensitive regarding products’ prices. This price sensitivity applies to only essentials, like food, beverages, clothes, and gift items; this is why Ramadan is the perfect time for sales.

The impact of COVID-19 has made shoppers look for deals and inspiration on Facebook. The research stated that 61% of the respondents in Egypt search for bargains during Ramadan and Eid; also, 58% of the respondents stated that they use Facebook for inspiration, research, and to discover more ideas.


If brands followed these tips when planning for Ramadan, we expect more campaigns and a more effective role in the community.

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