More than you can dream of; Senova to youth campaign

The automobile manufacturer, Senova, is at it again with a continuation of its August campaign. The Asian company has recently released 6 videos to help inspire the youth of today to keep going forward for their dreams and aspirations.

With a tough economy, tough cultural restrictions and pressure, the youth of today are desperate to find ways out of the systematic and demanding system they are thrust into.

They feel tied down to social pressures and norms, all the while unable to find ways to make themselves happy and their dreams come true.

Senvoa is stepping up, to inspire and encourage, with words from other Egyptians who have struggled with today’s world.


More than you can dream of

Senova recently released 6 videos to help inspire and encourage youth. The campaign, which started in August with Hisham Abbas, began with a song.

Musical marketing has been a popular tactic in our country’s industry, and it did help the campaign jump off of its feet. And with a popular song at hand, Senova can now move on with it as a force to push along their newest videos.



The series of videos show authentic Egyptians, with their real stories of struggle and hard work. From actors to outdoor lovers, Senova chose a wide range of people to help encourage a wide range of different interests and needs.

The series seems to hope to help people to love themselves, and see that they can achieve their dreams and aspirations.



Our favorite quote?

“Anyone that starts to with a support system for themselves, the people around them will start to support them… so if everyone focused on themselves… then they can start changing things. “ – Ahmad Alfishawy.


How do you feel about the campaign? Your favorite quote? Let us know in the comments below.

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