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Senova & Hisham Abbas sing to aspiring youth

Brands have used music as part of marketing campaigns for a long time. Music’s ability to create or bring out emotions, and create meaningful and personal connections with consumers, has been something marketers have continued to try and exploit.

Egyptian brands in particular love music as a marketing tactic. There is no need to look further than just a few months ago, when telecommunications giant Vodafone released another popular Ramadan branded song and the other brands that followed suit.

Now Chinese car manufacturer and brand Senova is joining in with its newest ad campaign led by popular singer Hisham Abbas.


Helping you achieve your dreams, one road at a time

The campaign seems to center around achieving your dreams, to keep pushing and fighting in the face of obstacles and fear.

Through perseverance, we can break stereotypes and the barriers to our dreams. The ad shows a son wanting to follow his father’s footsteps, a young teen starting his own business, a young musician and a young boxer in training.

تحقيق الحلم عمره ما كان شئ سهل .. بتبقى حاجة جميلة لما توصل! .. و لما تقع لازم تكمل و تقف على رجلك تاني و ساعتها بس هتوصل ل#اكتر_من_الي_بتحلم_بيه .. اغنية سينوفا الجديدة مع هشام عباس.

Posted by Senova Egypt on Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The video seems to continue Senova’s newest strategy (and maybe branding plan?). Just last month, the car manufacturer released an ad that was subsequently separated into two more spots online.

The ad featured three different musical variations; Jazz, Techno/Electronic and a smooth ballad.

Senova X35

سينوفا بتقدملك أحدث أفراد عائلتها X35#هتشوف_الفرق_بيها

Posted by Senova Egypt on Saturday, July 8, 2017


Capturing the audience with Music

While it is more common in other countries to simply license popular music, something many marketers here still do, our brands love to choose to create their own branded music.

Music brings people together, it creates bonds through the enjoyment we receive. It helps us create memories and personal connections; connections with the music, the people we listen with and with the brand that created it.

Catchy tunes will always capture people’s attentions, their hearts if it’s any good and their memories when done right. By combining branded music and celebrity marketing, Senova is putting itself more on the map as a young and aspiring car label for the masses.

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