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Microsoft Launches Windows 8 in Egypt

Microsoft Launches Windows 8 in Egypt with More Than 3 Thousand IT Experts Attending

Cairo 8-11-2012

With the attendance of more than 3 thousand IT experts, media people, developers and students, as well as the attendance of Ali Faramawy, Microsoft corporate vice president, today Microsoft launched its long-awaited Windows 8 operating system in the Egyptian market. Egyptian consumers and businesses will be able to experience all that Windows 8 has to offer: a beautiful new user interface (UI), a wide range of apps with the grand opening of the Windows Store, available on a broad range of Windows 8 certified PCs and tablets. The system features an entirely new look and feel, which is designed to be used across an array of devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

Windows 8 and more than 40 unique Windows 8 devices will be immediately available from major retail stores countrywide, with numerous launch offers on both Windows 8 and the devices.


“Windows 8 comes as a complete and total reinvention of the Windows system known all over the world which achieved the biggest levels of usage in history. The new system will give the user a unique experience that will perfectly match his needs, whether he wants to use a PC or tablet computer, or is using it for business or entertainment purposes. Whether he wants to use a keyboard or a touch screen, and no matter what his needs are, the system provides the user’s needs and is compatible with his personal style and unique requirements,” said Khaled Abdel Kader, General Manager-Microsoft Egypt.

“We are happy to launch the new system in Egypt at the same time it is available worldwide so that the Egyptian consumers could get the same value that users all over the world are getting at the same time.”

Windows 8 will be available in two versions at retail, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. For business customers, Windows 8 Enterprise offers new possibilities in mobile productivity with features like Windows To Go, DirectAccess, and BranchCache, as well as enhanced end-to-end security with features including BitLocker and AppLocker. Launching at the same time is a new member of the Windows family designed for ARM-based tablets, Windows RT, which will be available pre-installed on new devices.

“The large capabilities provided by Windows 8 for businesses and productivity whether from the office or any other location, is one of the biggest advantages that calls on us to use it in our bank’s business,” stated Eng. Hany Zakaria Abul Naga, Technical Support Manager at the Export Development Bank of Egypt. “Before Windows 8, we couldn’t get any business done using tablet computers. This has now completely changed which gives us the ability to support our employees with a strong and effective operating system to work with productive tools, in addition tomany advantages and benefits such as security improvements and fast performance.”

During the launch event, Microsoft experts showcased the new operating system with its different axes, including: Reinventing the Windows system and reintroducing it with a totally different look, Windows 8 apps that you really need, Windows e-store, working from home using the new system, IE 10, connecting with the cloud services, protection and security of data, and adaptability of the new system to a wide range of computers and e-devices. The attendees were able to acquire the useful information on the new system and experience it themselves.

“We call the new Windows 8 operating system a system that doesn’t accept compromises,” said Hazem Nabih, Marketing & Operations Lead Microsoft Egypt “This simply means that the consumer doesn’t at all need to make the hard decision of choosing between systems that work with tablet computers and another which is suitable for PCs. With Windows 8 you don’t have to make that choice as the system works efficiently and competently with all kinds of devices in addition to hundreds of enhancements and additions that make it indeed a total and complete reinvention of the Windows operating system within a user-friendly environment.”

Among the new enhancements, Windows 8 features the new fast and fluid Start screen that gives people one-click access to the apps and content they care most about, the entirely new Internet Explorer 10 that is perfect for touch, and built-in cloud capabilities with SkyDrive that allow users to share images and documents quickly and easily.

“One of the most prominent features changed in Windows 8 is the new interface that includes the Live Tiles technology,” said Ahmed Rashad, Technical Support Manager at the National Bank of Egypt. “This new interface not only provides a fast a reliable way of reaching apps and work files most used by the user, it also provides employees with menu that features important information at a glimpse such as special standards for operations or sales information or the situation of suppliers and partners as well as others. We translate this immediately to an enhancement in productivity levels, in addition to compatibility with Windows 7, which in turn means using the new system along with the old one is done smoothly and without obstacles…We are very happy with this experience.”

During the launch event, a number of apps – developed by a number of Egyptian companies and developers – were showcased, now available at the new Windows e-Store. The apps are important to Arab consumers in general, among which are Islamic services apps, in addition to a number of websites that provide different news services and apps in other fields. Microsoft experts also showcased the available opportunities to the developers’ community topresent unique software through the Windows e-store.

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