Lionel Messi in Egypt On A Marketing Mission!

Brands are using influencers now more than anytime before. All kinds of influencers, famous celebrities, social media influencers and football idols.

Tour ‘N Cure, the initiative Egypt has taken for a world free of Hepatitis C, they aim to cure 1 million patient by the end of 2016. They cured 200,000 patient and their cure rate is 96%

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Tour ‘N Cure is an affordable medical tourism package aiming to help Virus C patients from all around the world to get cured in the most beautiful destination in the world “EGYPT” during 1 only visit.

Tour ‘N Cure has made previous Barcelona defender (currently in Juventus F.C.) Dani Alves an ambassador for its campaign “ World free of Hepatitis C” then “Ahmed Hossam” ( Mido) joined the team and most recently, Lionel Andrés “Leo” Messi just signed to be the face of the campaign in 2017.

Why is Tour ‘N Cure signing football players specially? It is a non-common move, however, very effective.

The Reason Behind Football Idols:

Football is the most watched sport worldwide, the estimated fans is 3.5 billion throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and America. So it is no surprise really, that when seeking Worldwide recognition Tour ‘N Cure would make its face an internationally known football player.

Starting to make more sense, right?

Even more, people all around the world are influenced by football players than any other celebrities, and why is that? Its because they share with them an emotional bond no one other than them can.

Influencers of any kind are not as engaging as football players.

Actors have audience watching them behind screens and they know they’re not them who they are watching, it’s the character they’re portraying.  A player is who he is, being watched by thousands and millions on tv and in bars and cafes so they share the emotions with the team.

They lose, you lose, they win, you win. Creating a bond of trust, that their favorite player will make them happy by winning, moreover you see the players cry when they lose, you see fans crying with them then they win you see them dancing together.

This all creates a bond between fans and the players of their favorite team. The team is treated as a brand in this case. Even non-football fans have heard of well-recognized football players.

So when you are aiming to reach people all over the world. You make the most known people deliver your massage, as well as, those football idols are representing a good cause, so they are influencing people to join in spreading the good cause.

Starting the campaign with Dani Alves as their ambassador was a great move, then Mido joined along and contributed to the campaign with an amount that would cure 2000 patient.

Messi the forward of F. C Barcelona will be the face of Tour ‘N Cure in 2017, this legend is a great addition as well, he is the only football player in history to win five FIFA Ballons d’Or, with Barcelona he has won eight La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League titles, as well as four Copas del Rey. he also, has scored over 500 career goals for club and country.

The collaboration agreement was signed in Barcelona, Spain, by “Mr. Tamer Wagih” chairman of Prime Pharma, “Dr. Shireen Helmy” chairman of Pharco Pharmaceutical , and “Mr. Mohamed Talaat” chairman of BOOKURSTAR International. Furthermore, there will be a TV campaign will be filmed in Barcelona next month.

Egypt is providing the cure with a world-class experience and best strategy to reach as many people as possible for a “World free of Hepatitis C”.

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