Dani Alves Joins Egypt’s Fight For a World Free of Hepatitis C

Egypt has taken initiative by offering a world class treatment program to free the world of Hepatitis C and aims to cure at least 1 million patients by the end of 2016.

An Egyptian pharmaceutical company has made previous Barcelona defender [currently in Juventus F.C.] Dani Alves an ambassador in the fight against Hepatitis C. The Brazilian defender once again played a key role in the Blaugrana’s La Liga and Copa Del Rey winning campaign at the Camp Nou.

He says the lack of financial power in the world today is the main reason behind his desire to help.

“I want to help people who cannot afford things with creative projects,” he said.

“Treatment for this disease is expensive and hard to get for people who don’t have much money.”

Tour n’ Cure provides hepatitis C patients, from all over the world, with an effective and affordable treatment package. It is Egypt’s latest initiative in medical tourism—namely offering the opportunity to treat hepatitis C with the most recent, advanced therapies worldwide, with no waiting time.

What’s more, Tour n’ Cure package offers you the opportunity to take in the beauty of Egypt and visit historic landmarks during the days of the treatment, while enjoying a relaxing stay at a 5-star hotel.

Tour n’ Cure has partnered with a selection of state of the art hospitals that have been honored with numerous awards and recognition by international organizations. These hospitals include the Egyptian Air Force Hospital and Sharm El Sheikh International Hospital.

Egypt success in fighting Hepatitis C is energized by ambitious presidential program aiming at treating 1 million patients by the end of 2016. For this purpose, Egypt established 50 Hepatitis C management centers across the country aiming to increase them to 100 centers by the end of 2016 including 18 university hospital.

More than 300,000 patients were cured during the last 12 months this was made possible by implementing advanced global disease management protocols at highly affordable costs through locally manufactured medications.

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