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Media Spox for Muslim Brotherhood Trending as Liar on Twitter

ith more than 20,000 tweets, Gehad Haddad [Media Spox for Muslim Brotherhood & Senior Adviser to Freedom & Justice Party] was trending on twitter with many hashtags created to use the Social Media deliver the Egyptian people voice to foreign media. As Gehad used his twitter account trying to convince foreign media and American media particularly that what happened in Egypt on 30 July was a Military coupe neglecting the fact that estimated 33 Million Egyptians ware on streets to ousted ex. President Mohamed Morsy.

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”” author=”Gehad El-Haddad”]Getting truth out cuz of traditional media blackout & fact twisting. Social Media provides fair grounds 4 all.[/blockquote]

Gehad Trending as Liar //

Egypt's Twitter Trending Hashtags
Egypt’s Trending Topics

Gehad Haddad was cursed by the same weapon he used over the past few weeks and the Egyptian people seems to be sick of his lies and successfully managed to make ‪#‎GehadHaddadIsABigLiar‬ trending world wide to embarrass Gehad and show the world the true opinion of Egyptian people in his claims.

Estimated more than 20 K tweets ware sent with hashtag #GehadHaddadIsABigLiar‬ in addition to hundreds with different but less impactful hashtags like, #GehadIsPMSing#Gehad3awezRagel, #GehadElHaddadShowedMe and #GehadHaddadIsABigTraitor

The voice of Egyptians was meant to deliver a message to media that majority of Egyptian people are against Gehad El Haddad tweets and to counter attack his mission which was recently summarized in tweeting in English trying to grab media attention in a way to serve his party political opinion.

Trends peaks //

Gehad El Hadda trends peaks
Gehad El Hadda trends peaks

Facts and Figures:

  • Replies to @gelhaddad peak 4183 mentions (27 Jul 10:50pm)
  • #GehadElHaddadShowedMe mentioned peak 974 mentions (27 Jul 10:50pm)
  • #GehadHaddadIsABigLiar‬ 15271 mentions (27 Jul 10:50pm)

Conclusion //

Seems like Mr.Gehad forgot that Egypt have 30 Million internet user ?!

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