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Marwan Mohsen Isn’t Missing Anymore Chances With Newjersey Developments

It has been almost half of Ramadan and almost all brands have released their campaigns and creative adverts. Some are a huge success while others are suffering from an epic fail!

Right when we thought all Ramadan adverts were released and we won’t have any more new adverts nor campaigns, a real estate company under the name of New Jersey Developments released an advert to book its place in the Ramadan adverts race.

We have to admit that this is really one of the best adverts we have seen this season and it deserves a round of applause.

Let’s dig more into what makes this advert very successful.



Let’s Talk About The Advert

The advert is promoting the real estate company New Jersey Developments and its new units.

New Jersey Developments has released an advert under the name and hashtag of ‘Never Miss The Chance’ and it collaborated with the footballer Marwan Mohsen who plays in the Al-Ahly club to promote the units.

If you’re a football fan, you probably have linked the name of the campaign with Al-Ahly player Marwan Mohsen.

The advert depended on a creative idea to tell the company’s customers and the target audience not to miss their chance in investing in its units.

Never Miss The Chance

The advert’s idea is really creative and we have no idea how Marwan Mohsen was convinced to do it.

The famous football player is known for missing out on many chances to score goals, which has always made him the talk of everyone right after any match!

The advert’s idea depended on this factor and linked it with the campaign’s name. You will see how Marwan Mohsen is triggered in the advert when the real estate agent tells him not to miss his chance in investing in the units.

Also, right at the beginning of the advert, we see Mohsen throws some crumbled papers in the basket but still misses it!


Going Viral In A Few Hours

The advert went viral really quickly and we have seen multiple people sharing it on social media.

In 16 hours the advert reached 30K views on NJD’s official Facebook page; we expect more views in the upcoming days as almost all people liked the advert and we haven’t seen negative comments so far.

If you’re wondering why this advert is getting much attention, we will tell you.

As we spoke of the idea and how creative it is, the advert attracted more than just its target audience. People who know Marwan Mohsen liked the advert as it grabbed their attention; technically even if you’re not into real estate and don’t pay attention to its adverts, you will watch NJD’s advert and you will probably like it.

Sense of humor is a major contributing factor in gaining people’s admiration, and we can frankly say that the advert is hilarious.

The whole implementation of the idea is done brilliantly and we would love to give a round of applause to whoever convinced Marwan Mohsen to be part of this advert.


Have you watched the advert? And did you like it or not?

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