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Marakez surprises Zamalek residents

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, real estate developers Marakez and Tatweer Misr have decided to go a different route when it comes to the usual month-long marketing bonanza of Ramadan.

While real estate brands mainly focus on having as many billboards and TV spots as possible, community oriented marketing is not a common sight. It seems these developers aim to change that by putting the spotlight back on the people.


Putting in the effort to build communities

Following last year’s Christmas decorations placed on Marakez’s Zamalek premises, the building is currently decked out with a gigantic crescent moon and other Ramadan-themed lights and décor. The company has not taken to social media or made any press release blasts to show off their work.

Soon after, real estate developer Tatweer Misr followed suit, also decorating their Zamalek office.

Although it’s custom to celebrate Ramadan by decorating homes or hanging lanterns and small decorations in shops and streets, large examples of festive decorations have long been missed in corporate locations.

For several years now, decorations for holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Ramadan, in corporate locations and even in some malls, have deteriorated and decreased in quantity everywhere, leaving Egyptians with less and less festive spirits each year.

Even hotels, known for extravagant events and decorations during Christmas and New Year’s, which used to be a great way of bringing the community together during special occasions and holidays, have decreased efforts in recent years.


Cultivating new trends in real estate

Could this be a new trend for the real estate community and other corporates in Egypt? Perhaps, but it is clear that this gesture of brightening up streets and moods is an important element that other companies have forgotten.

Do you think other real estate companies should aim towards community building rather than billboards and direct sales? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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