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Magdi Yacoub Advert: managed to put a smile on our faces and lights up our hearts

Magdi Yacoub is one of the world’s most respected cardiac surgeons. Born in Egypt, he decided early on that he wanted to become a doctor and help others. In 2008, he established the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundaition. The foundation was able to establish the Aswan Heart Centre in 2009 to provide free medical services for those in need.

In this ferociously competitive traditional advertising arena in Egypt during Ramadan. The market attention is always focused and anticipating the moves of the 5 big players (Coke, Pepsi, Vodafone, Etisalat and Orange). Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation released it’s Ramadan 2016 campaign yesterday and it would be considered the Black Horse for Ramadan 2016 adverting arena. The campaign titled: Draw A Heart [ارسم قلب].

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Advertising content needs to do two things: engage and persuade. and Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Ad is another proof that persuading people is not about the advertising budget. Most people dismiss content pushed out to them by brands via massive advertising and if you assume your brand will be interesting by injecting more money, you will fail.

Consumers are tend to feel as deep of an emotional connection to a brand when brands show respect to consumers. Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Ad for Ramadan 2016 simply included emotions such as passion, empathy, honesty, hope, love and respect.


Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation advert Social Media storm

In addition, Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation exceptional advert successfully joined digital conversations. People started shearing their opinion with positive posts and tweets through social media. Not Just positive opinions, but also started to share actions and influence more people to respond and contribute with donations by sending SMSs to [9698] as a simple act of kindness and gratitude for Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Advert for Ramadan was different from the rest of brands. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication was said by Leonardo Da Vinci. It means sometimes the best way to show how smart you are is to be simple about things.

Paying attention to the details could give you a competitive advantage. Even if Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Advert look so simple in visual, It still give attention to details, did you notice this glancing heart in Donia Samir Ghanem eyes?

Think Marketing- donia samir ghanem in Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Ad
Glancing Heart in Donia Samir Ghanem Eyes

Since 2009, Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYF) is operating as a non-profit, non-governmental organization providing free world-class medical services to the less privileged in Egypt and throughout the region in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

The advertising strategy for the campaign is developed to communicate Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation brand message and ignite fund-arsing call-to-action to potential donors in the hopes of convincing them for funding assistance.

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