Ramadan 2017

“D” is Magdi Yacoub Foundation best weapon this Ramadan

The typical NGO Ramadan advertisement usually focuses on the dramatic aspects of their work; the pain and suffering of the people they are trying to help, and attempting to get the viewer to feel the same heartbreak. It can be said that audiences have been filled to the brim with advertising clutter using this approach.

To combat this, and increase donations for their cause, the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation has decided to use the dramatic approach with a drop of happiness.


Magdi Yacoub Foundation show us the true impact of donations:

To break out from the usual grey gloom of NGO advertising, the MYF decided they needed a new method to get people excited to donate.


Trailer for the video, please click on the link below for the full video and experience


The organization created a micro website, Change a life, in which they host an interactive video. The video tells the story of a child through his eyes, showing viewers the grey bland walls of the hospital they are staying in as well as the anxiety of a sick child. But by simple click of a button, the viewer’s video changes into a fulfilling childhood; playing pixel video games, going to the carnival, everything a child should go through.

The interactive nature of the video allows viewers to see how one button, a symbol for donating, can change a life, how one donation can save a child’s childhood.

By showing the world through a first-person perspective, through their eyes, viewers get to see the big differences between the two videos. The video attempts to create a deep emotional bond between the cause and the viewer, in order to really show them how their donations directly affect people in need.

The images above capture some of the situations reflected in the videos, such as the power of the Spiderman outfit in the happy story and the cannula pain and sickness in the sad one.


Cause and Effect

NGOs are always competing to ask audiences to donate for their cause, it is one of the main things most NGOs do to continue their work. Ramadan becomes a prime time to push and grab people’s attention to donate to good causes due to the holy month’s theme of charity.

By showing the cause and effect of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation and its work, viewers can really see how their donation can impact a person’s life. Two classic NGO advertising tactics, dramatic approach and showing the happiness of people who have defeated their problems, are combined in this sweet video.

The Team Behind The Interactive video:

The video executed by Mediair DG, the digital arm of both Mediair & Animation Advertising.

According to Mediair DG team statement; Our Passion for MYF and our genuine belief in the wonderful cause that it presents was the main drive that pushed us to come up with a creatively different campaign this Ramadan.

Our campaign involves a highly complicated coding system that allows 2 different videos (visual and sound) to play simultaneously allowing the fan to alternate between them by pressing a button. We always aim to dream big and provide the latest technologies that matches those dreams.

Will you click on “D”?

During the holy month of Ramadan, non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) come out to play with other big ad runners. Magdi Yacoub Foundation interactive video is definitely a new idea that utilize the digital media to deliver not just unique message but also deliver an experience for viewers.

Magdi Yacoub Foundation interactive video opens the door for adopting new applications for digital advertising where it doesn’t only depend on spending high budget in promoting the advert but also convince the audience to take action and contribute in the campaign success.

Will you click on “D” to show how caring you can be? Let us know in the comments below.

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