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Limited Time Offer: Burger King Kuwait serves sun-grill Whopper

For those of us who live in MENA, the desert heat is no joke. In places like Kuwait, it makes the supposedly happy summer months into dull “Find-Shade-Immediately” memories. It takes a lot from what is usually seen as the best time to be out and about.

There have always been funny stories and jokes about how hot countries like Kuwait can be. The famous cook-an-egg on the street being one of them.

But, if you can cook an egg, what else could you cook?

Burger King Kuwait may have been thinking the same thing when they launched their brand new limited-time offer. The new Sun Flame-Grilled Burger.

By using what looks to be a specially made satellite dish, BK is using mother nature’s angry gaze to grill some burgers.


Burger King uses a new approach to localizing a new limited-time offer. By using the location’s natural ability rather than its cultural attributes, BK Kuwait makes a fun yet Eco-friendly new menu item.

It’s a fun stunt by the burger franchise. The brand is using mother nature’s powerful abilities to their advantage, and it may be working. The burger is already available at stores, with the chain stating the burgers “surprised guests at one of its flagship stores.”

The burger will be available during the hottest times of the year, when the temperature raises to 50C/122F. Unlike most other limited-time offer menu items, it’s sure to be an often-seen fan favorite.

We could say that Burger King Kuwait is making one of the hottest places on Earth a bit cooler with their new offer.

What do you think of the burger stunt? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments.

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